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View over Germany's capital city, Berlin

FUE Hair Transplants in Germany

Going for an FUE hair transplant in Germany is a great choice if you want to have fuller hair again. Travelling for medical treatments is becoming increasingly popular, so many patients go to Germany to make use of its high medical quality at a renowned German clinic for a hair transplant.

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What advantages do hair transplant clinics in Germany offer?

Hair transplant clinics in Germany offer a number of advantages for foreign patients. Worldwide, Germany is the fifth most popular destination for medical tourism; now 12.7% of all patients in Germany come from abroad.

German doctors have always been at the forefront of developing new medical equipment or improving surgical techniques. The most modern technologies are also used in German clinics for FUE hair transplants.

In addition, many doctors and clinics offer their patients individually tailored packages that include accommodation, travel and personal care. And since most doctors and clinic staff speak English, a language barrier is seldom an issue for international patients.

What is the procedure for a hair transplant in Germany?

Once you have decided on a clinic, the treating doctor will probably call you for a consultation or request photos of your head to get the most comprehensive picture of your hair loss and the achievable goals.

Meeting your hair surgeon in Germany

The treatment day starts with a consultation with the hair surgeon. Here, the final details are clarified, for example, how the hairline will be designed and which anaesthetic will be used. After the staff have performed a few examinations, the procedure will begin.

Harvesting the grafts

After the anaesthetic has been administered, the donor area on the back of the head is shaved to make it easier to harvest the grafts. While the tiny incisions are made with a very fine blade in the transplant area, the harvested grafts are stored in a special container.

Transplanting the grafts

Once all the incisions are made, the grafts are transplanted one by one. This procedure takes several hours, but ask your hair surgeon in advance how long it will take in your individual case.


Once the transplantation process is finished, you will be shown exactly what to do at home during the first night. As a rule, the hair surgeon will want to see you again the next day for a final check-up.

You can read more detailed information about the FUE treatment and the subsequent growth and success rates on our FUE hair transplant information page.

Is it worth it?

Yes! Based on 500+ Patient Reviews

What is the cost?

Starting at €3,000 in Germany

Is a visa needed?

British nationals don't need a visa to enter Germany, but it's important to check the latest government advice before travelling.

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What does a hair transplant cost in Germany?

If you decide to have a hair transplant in Germany, you can expect average to moderately high prices. Thus, the average cost for 2.000 grafts is often around 3.000€.

In the following cost comparison table we show you the average prices for 2.000 grafts for a variety of different countries. In our special guide to FUE hair transplant costs, you can also find out exactly what you will have to pay for a hair transplant.

You can additionally read about the other techniques used and lots of other helpful information in our hair transplant guide article.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
United Kingdom€5,000

What Factors Influence the Price of a Hair Transplant in Germany?

Considering Germany for a FUE hair transplant is a very good option. With first-class care, highly trained doctors and, what's more, treatment to the highest technological standards, it's not hard to see why many patients from home and abroad choose Germany when it comes to their hair.

But what exactly influences the prices of a FUE hair transplant in Germany? Here are some of the most significant reasons:

  • Specialist treatment: You pay for first-class treatment. You can usually decide whether this is carried out by a hair surgeon or a highly trained assistant. Depending on who takes care of your surgery, the price can therefore vary.

  • Treatment packages: If you choose a clinic that offers a treatment package with a fixed price for a number of grafts, the cost can often be lower. Other clinics charge per graft. In this case, you will be charged exactly for the number of grafts you need. So the more grafts, the higher the price. 

  • The technique: The most common hair transplantation method is the FUE technique, in which the hair follicles are transplanted individually. However, there is also the DHI hair transplant, FUT method, as well as the robotic method known as ARTAS. This is usually more expensive than the other two.

Is it worth looking for a hair clinic outside of Germany?

If you want to save money on your hair transplant without compromising on quality, a hair transplant abroad could be a good alternative. Our information page about the most popular countries for hair transplants offers detailed info about prices and treatment differences and helps you consider whether and which country is an option for you compared to treatment in Germany.

Basically, treatment abroad is always something that takes patients out of their comfort zone. That's why our service is so popular: we have been working closely with the most renowned clinics in Germany and abroad for many years, and we continually review the quality of treatment and service based on our own criteria and patient feedback. You can rest assured that you will experience an all-round smooth treatment journey with Qunomedical, should you choose to go abroad for treatment.

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