The 9 Best Countries for a Hair Transplant

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Posted Sep 11, 2020

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Finding out which country is best for a hair transplant can be tricky. Researching online can give you a lot of conflicting information. With hair transplants becoming more popular and easier to obtain, more and more people are going abroad to find the very best doctor and the most affordable price. But, how do you find the best place for hair transplant? Qunomedical has compiled a list of the best countries for a hair transplant according to price, quality, and popularity. We’re an independent company that helps bridge the gap between patients and finding the right doctor. Our information is approved by our Medical Board, our extensive hair transplant cost guide, and real-life reviews from hair transplant patients. Discover which country is best for a hair transplant below!

1. Turkey

If you’ve been thinking about hair restoration treatment for a while, then it’s no surprise that Turkey is one of the best countries for a hair transplant. Over 20,000 travellers land in Turkey every year for treatment, for quality that is good as or even better than they’d find at home. For 2000 grafts with a FUE hair transplant procedure, you’d be looking at prices starting at €1,950 - nearly 70% less than you’d be paying in the UK. Turkey is also a popular choice with patients, thanks to its luxury hotels, competitive treatment packages, and hey – who wouldn’t want to relax and recuperate in the historic and beautiful city of Istanbul? Home to some of the world’s most respected hair transplant doctors like Dr. Erdogan at Smile Hair Clinic and Dr. Cinik, Turkey is clearly the top spot for hair transplants.

Check out Iwan’s hair transplant journey in Turkey.

2. Poland

One of the top answers for which country is best for a hair transplant is always Poland. Its healthcare system has become one of the top European providers for quality service and advanced medical technology. And, thanks to Poland not yet becoming part of the Eurozone, the price for a hair transplant is incredibly low compared to the top quality of its doctors. You can expect to pay around €2,900 in Poland with some clinics offering even cheaper package deals with hotels and drivers included. If you’re flying from the UK, lots of low-cost airlines provide many affordable flights.

Eamon went with Dr. Borejsza for his hair transplant, read his experience here.

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3. Hungary

If you’ve been thinking about getting a hair transplant for a while, you may have heard that Hungary is a great place to go for one. Hungary is a beautiful country which benefits from amazing cities like Budapest, as well as a low cost of living, and an excellent range of hair transplant packages to choose from. The Global Medicine Center has a fantastic reputation for successful hair transplants, with many of the specialists having over 10 years of experience and multiple surgeries under their belt.

4. Thailand

One of the benefits of having a hair transplant in Thailand is that you can expand your trip into a luxurious holiday. Many patients from the US, Australia, and the UK travel to Thailand each year to benefit from the many doctors that perform high-quality surgeries for a fraction of the price they’d pay back home. The Hairsmith Clinic in Bangkok is the residence of Dr. Prima Tossaborvorn, a hair transplant specialist certified by the respected American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).

5. Germany

Germany is well known for having some of the best and most cutting edge technology in the field of medicine. Hair transplants are no exception with clinics like My Perfect Hair in Berlin championing FUE and Robotic Hair Transplant Surgery (ARTAS). Even with this incredibly high standard, Germany is not an expensive country for hair transplants. A treatment would set you back around €3,000, still under half of what you’d typically pay in the US, UK, or Ireland.

6. Mexico

According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Mexico is one of the most popular destinations for hair transplant procedures. Thanks to its strong health infrastructure and low costs, Mexico is a great destination for US and Canadian patients, as well as patients looking for a holiday experience alongside their treatment. Qunomedical always vets the clinics and doctors it works with a strict vetting procedure to ensure we only partner with high-quality facilities. Places like the Hair Medical Restoration clinic in Tijuana are experts in the FUE and FUT methods.

7. India

Over 200,000 patients head to India for medical treatment, a testament to the countries high standards and reputation for outstanding healthcare. It also helps that you’ll be paying about 80% less for a hair transplant than your home country, without any compromise in quality. It’s important when you’re thinking about which country is best for a hair transplant, to consider the accreditations and accolades clinics have had. The Dermalife Clinic in New Delhi, the vibrant modern heart of India, is run by Dr. Garg, a member of the prestigious International Society of Hair Resurrection Surgeons and the European Academy of Dermatology - making him one of the most renowned specialists in all of India.

8. Malaysia

People come from all over the world to visit Malaysia for treatment. Which is why it’s considered one of the best countries for a hair transplant. With most hair transplants only taking 1–-3 days, many patients enjoy having their surgery sandwiched between a luxury holiday in this magical country. With hair transplants starting at €1,100, the Nathan Skin & Hair Transplant Centre is very popular. It’s led by one of the most awarded doctors, Dr. Ruben who holds several accreditations from respected medical boards.

9. UK

While some people prefer to travel further afield for medical treatment, others choose to go closer to home. UK residents may find that the question of which country is best for a hair transplant doesn’t matter because being treated locally is more important. The UK has excellent medical centres that specialise in hair transplants and restoration. The Skin Follicle Clinic in Birmingham has performed many FUE, FUT, and, ARTAS hair transplants over the years with the capable Dr. Soueid at the helm.

How Do I Choose Which Country is Best For a Hair Transplant?

As you can see, there are many different options for people looking to restore their natural hair. At the end of the day, what’s most important is that you as a patient feel cared for, you get the best medical treatment, and you are happy with the price. Hair transplant surgery is an incredibly personal decision, which is why Qunomedical was founded, to give everyone the best options available, regardless of their background. Connect with one of our Patient Managers and we can give you the best information so you can make an informed and successful decision.

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