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Tijuana, Mexico


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The Hair Medical Restoration clinic performs two types of hair transplant: the traditional technique is follicular unit transplantation (FUT) also called "strip harvesting", and follicular unit extraction (FUE). FUT involves removing a single strip of the scalp where follicles are plentiful and then cutting out its follicular units under a microscope to create grafts for transplantation. With FUE each follicular unit is removed one at a time, so it's a more time consuming process, but one that avoids the linear scar from the donor site. FUE involves minimal risk of infections, no major scarring, a quicker recovery period and more natural-looking results than other traditional hair transplantation methods. Eyebrow and beard implantation are other procedures offered by the HMR clinic. The HMR clinic is highly experienced in dealing with international patients, most of whom travel from the USA for treatment and as such interpreter services are provided.




Situated in Tijuana, Mexico, just across the border from the United States, the HMR clinic is less than a 10-minute drive from Tijuana International Airport, and less than half an hour from San Diego International Airport. Tijuana has grown from a small border town into a large, modern city. The hospital is in a prime location for patients wishing to explore what Tijuana has to offer. As well as its shops, restaurants and bars, Tijuana boasts a dynamic urban art scene. Visitors can find contemporary galleries and arty cafes in the neighborhood known as La Revo, and cool new restaurants in the Zona Río, the upscale commercial area that runs alongside the river.

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