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FUE Hair Transplant Clinics in Hungary

Location, low prices, high quality doctors, advanced medical know-how, natural thermal springs… these are just some of the reasons Hungary might be the perfect place for your FUE hair transplant.

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Szeged, Hungary

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Budapest, Hungary


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Why Choose Hungary for an FUE Hair Transplant?

Hungary is centrally located on the European continent with easy connections to most major European cities. In addition to being a bit closer to home, a hair transplant can be up to half the cost of treatment in the UK or US with zero compromise on quality. Budapest itself is a popular European destination for a city break. A rich history, lively nightlife and rejuvenating thermal springs makes it a great option for combining your hair transplant with a mini-holiday.

Wondering how to find an FUE hair transplant clinic there? Qunomedical has already vetted and shortlisted accredited clinics and specialists in Hungary with proven records of treatment quality and excellent patient reviews.

How does pricing work for an FUE hair transplant in Hungary?

Many clinics in Hungary will charge per hair graft for an FUE hair transplant; however, some also provide a flat rate for up to a specified amount. These rates may also include your hotel and ground transfers during your stay to make an affordable, all-inclusive package.

You will be quoted a price based on your pictures, but keep in mind that this could change a bit when you have your in-person consultation where the doctor can examine the texture and density of your hair more closely.

How do I get an FUE hair transplant in Hungary fast and easily?

In Hungary, clinics tend to see fewer patients in a day so it’s a good idea to plan your appointment at least a few months in advance. There should be more appointment dates available and you have a better chance of getting the one you want.

Once you send pictures of your head and the doctor provides an initial graft estimate and price quote, you can easily book your FUE hair transplant appointment by paying the required deposit, usually by bank transfer.

Do I need a visa to travel to Hungary?

It will depend on what passport you hold. Hungary is a member of the European Union so if you hold a passport from an EU country, then you can travel there without a visa. Those holding a US passport can enter Hungary with a tourist visa. Always check with your government’s website for international travel information before you go.

What currency do they use in Hungary?

Although Hungary is part of the European Union, they still use the Hungarian Forint as their national currency. However, most clinics will provide their pricing in Euros and Euros can be used to pay at the clinic but it’s also good to double check before you travel.