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Bald Men - the Experience of Going Bald

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Whether it affects you or not, you’ll know that the experience of going bald has been as historical as it is widespread. Just as enduring have been the frequent attempts to find a way to stop it. It’s hard to be sure if or to what extent you’ll be part of the 60% of men who have some degree of a bald head by the age of 50 – but for many, the worry is already present before they’ve concluded their 20s.

Of course, the prevalence of going bald is because it’s a perfectly natural part of ageing. But for an experience that is so commonly felt by men of all ages, it remains a very individual one – not just in terms of how and where you start receding or thinning, but the knocks to your self-esteem that it incurs.

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Why Do Some People Start Going Bald?

In most cases, it’s a matter of your hair slowly becoming more sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which begins weakening the hair follicles. Most bald people usually encounter this process as a quite methodically sweeping line that gradually but evenly exposes the bald head. And the reason that many a bald man are then left with a wreath of hair along the back and sides is because these follicles aren’t generally as vulnerable.

Ultimately, getting a bald head comes down to the usual culprits for most people: it’s a hereditary or age-related thing. That being said, most agree that lifestyle can also have an influence on how well your scalp sprouts.

The cortisol hormone released through stress is known to have a hindering effect on hair follicles’ growth. Then you have diet-related consequences, where it has been found that low vitamin D, iron, zinc or protein can also fail to nourish your hair’s roots sufficiently. However, as stated, everyone’s experience of going bald is different, because everyone’s body is different. As such, the lifestyle factors will always affect you at a totally individual level.

Receding and Regrowth: What Can a Bald Man Do?

Although lots of men go on to sport the stylish ‘bald and beard’ look, embracing being a bald man just isn’t easy for many. Those who feel self-conscious about losing their hair understandably try to spring into action as soon as they notice it creeping away. Indeed, anyone in this position will likely have taken to the internet and discovered the first popular line of defence: hair loss medication.

Finasteride and minoxidil have worked wonders for many that were going bald, replenishing some to most of their initial thickness and coverage with consistent intake. Otherwise, taking supplements (to alleviate the aforementioned deficiencies) are also a popular routine.

It comes down to what extent you are going bald though, so always let a professional examine your personal circumstances as a starting point – you’ll have to go through your doctor for a finasteride prescription anyway. From then on, your options will be clearer. One of these could be to get a hair transplant.

Starting to notice that hair is being lost

Preventing a Bald Head With a Hair Transplant

Through dedicated societies, medical innovation and the drive of specialists with decades’ experience, hair transplantation surgery has come a long way. Surgeons take follicles one by one and plant them into the affected area, making it a long and thorough procedure – but one that an increasing number of patients are going for. Once you’ve passed the approximate full recovery time of nine months to a year, you could be back to styling a fuller head of hair again.

Lots of people go for a hair transplant. An array of methods and techniques now presents people with varied requirements the chance to restore their hair. Clinics all over the world with competitive prices have opened this option to a wide patient base.

Qunomedical: Your Solution to Going Bald

We understand the struggle of losing your hair, which is why we’re partnered with some of the finest hair restoration experts out there to help bald people regain their confidence. If you drop us a line about your situation, we’ll have a great-value quote and top-quality clinic lined up for you in no time, and you’ll be ready to make your restoration a reality with a hair transplant. We’ve helped thousands already and we’re here for you too!


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