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Yanhee Hospital

Located in Bangkok, Thailand

Founded in 1984, Yanhee Hospital is a JCI-accredited facility which boasts state-of-the-art equipment and over 400 beds. JCI or Joint Commission International represents the gold standard in global healthcare. In addition to its first-rate aesthetic and dental centers, the multi-disciplinary hospital specializes in cardiology, ENT, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and gender reassignment surgery. Yanhee Hospital has treated patients from over 162 countries. It provides a number of services for its international patients including free interpreters, and offers package deals which include accommodation and food.

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Spoken languages

Thai, English


Plastic Surgery


Dr. Sanit Pongkapanakai

Dr. Sanit Pongkapanakai, MD

Specialization: Plastic Surgery

Education: Graduated with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Virgin Milagrosa University

Languages: Thai, English and Mandarin

Memberships & Awards

  • Fellow, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery of Thailand
Dr. Ornouma Srivanishvipat

Dr. Ornouma Srivanishvipat, MD

Specialization: Otolaryngology, Voice Surgery, Snoring, Nose, Sinus Surgery

Education: Graduated with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Mahidol University, 1995

Languages: Thai and English

Memberships & Awards

  • Research in Rhinology, Thailand, 2008
  • Royal College of Otolaryngology of Thailand
Dr. Chokchai Amornsawadwattana

Dr. Chokchai Amornsawadwattana, MD

Specialization: Plastic Surgery

Education: Graduated with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Faculty of Medicine, Mahidol University

Languages: Thai and English

Memberships & Awards

  • The Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand, 2008
  • The Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand, 2006
  • The Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand, 2004
Dr. Prasert Seesillapachai

Dr. Prasert Seesillapachai, MD

Specialization: Hair Transplantation

Education: Graduated with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Mahidol University

Languages: Thai and English

Memberships & Awards

  • Thailand Board of General Surgery
  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, (ISHRS)
  • European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, (ESHRS)
Dr. Pitch Paiboonkasemsutthi

Dr. Pitch Paiboonkasemsutthi, MD

Specialization: Plastic Surgery

Education: Graduated with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Chulalongkorn University

Languages: Thai and English

Memberships & Awards

  • Board of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery of Thailand

Verified patient reviews (47)

Overall Satisfaction
August 2017
"The preliminary interview with the surgeon was excellent and detailed. The difficulty I experienced was with the lack of adequate pain relief. "

The preliminary interview with the surgeon was excellent and detailed. The hospital facilities were clean but very basic and no frills. The difficulty I experienced was


with the lack of adequate pain relief. In Australia I would have had 3 days of strong pain relief but here I had only one. On the second day following major surgery I was offered panadol. The communication with Qunomedical was often slow due to difficulties with obtaining information in Thailand I suspect.

August 2016
"I was satisfied"

After care was very good, courteous. I was satisfied. Interpreter is able to speak Japanese very well and easy to understand. I was satisfied with being in the hospital.
Dr. Visut was kind and took care of me. I wonder why I did not feel much pain with surgery. Thank you.

United Kingdom
"I will come back."

I was very pleased with the surgery, the doctor and especially the nurses. The way the hospital is organized is very customer care focused


and you feel very well looked after. Everyone was very polite, friendly and understanding and I will recommend this to my friends. Also, I will come back for some extra surgery early next year.
Thank you to everyone that was involved in caring for me and making me feel special.

"Excellent service and attention 24/7"

Procedure: painless, all in one day. Pre-procedure: full info and Q and A available. Post-procedure: excellent service and attention 24/7.
Stayed at Yanhee Hospital 7 days/nights with a week follow-up for recovery at local hotel.
Would recommend procedure to anybody interested in looking/feeling younger!

"Everyone at Yanhee are the most amazing people."

After having years of heavy breasts and not being able to enjoy running and playing with my kids. Even driving in a car gave me trouble


with large breasts. I am so grateful for the help of all the people and Dr. Pramote at Yanhee Hospital for giving me a better lifestyle.
I can now enjoy my kids and exercise to the fullest. Everyone at Yanhee are the most amazing people.
I can't thank you all enough.

"Very pleased with the results"

I was very nervous about getting elective surgery especially at the age of 50. But every time I looked into the mirror and saw the excessive skin hanging from my belly and thigh area I would feel very depressed. I heard


about the wonderful work that was done at the Yanhee Hospital and decided to check it out.
When I arrived here I was amazed that people come from all over the world to have procedures done at this hospital. Once I met Dr. Pitch there was something very calming about him and I knew I would be in good hands. The gifts that God gives to people is no less than a miracle. That sums it up. Very pleased with the results.

"Service was perfect"

Because there was explanation beforehand, I felt relieved. The reason why I was satisfied was that everyone was so kind. Nurses were cheerful and kind so I was happy. Service was perfect and I was happy with my hospital stay.

"Thanks for everything"

The staff all very nice and friendly. The doctor explain in details for the procedure. Will come back for stage 3. Wish to see you all again. Thanks for everything. Especially all the care rendered to me.

"I am completely satisfied with all the services at Yanhee."

After so many years of back, neck, and shoulder pain, I decided to undergo a breast reduction surgery. I am happy that I found Dr. Pramote and Yanhee Hospital. I am completely satisfied with all the services at Yanhee and Dr. Pramote's abilities, skills, and politeness are great.
Thank you very much.

"Yanhee has been a pleasant for me"

The overall experience I had at Yanhee has been a pleasant once for me. The politeness, care and concern from doctors to nurses has


been wonderful. Surgery has been more than what I expected before coming. The meals served are simply wonderful.
I would like to thank all the nurses from ward 10 AB for their care towards me during my stay. As well as to the doctors who attended to me.

"The care and everything else was really good."

A lot of information and suggestions to cover everything before surgery. I was also given time to think. Interpreter was very helpful during consultation and all the time. During KBmy hospital stay, the care and everything else was really good.

"I'm so satisfied with result of my surgery"

I am fully satisfied. I'm so happy with nurses and all the staff here. But above all, I'm so satisfied with result of my surgery. Thanks for kindness, nice services and everything. Thank you so much.

"I got the result I wanted."

Dr. Pitch is amazing. I got the result I wanted. If I had listened to the doctor back home I would have looked like a freak. Special thank you to the beautiful nurses that were there to support us when we were scared: Mai, Shayne, Darlene. All happy. Thank you.

"I would recommend Yanhee"

I must have spent 20 plus hours searching on internet forums about the competency and client satisfaction of Yanhee Hospital. My girlfriend decided to come and have a Mid-Facelift and Neck Lift as well as upper and lower eyelids lifted by Dr. Somsak after she saw the amazing results of a friend and that's all the comfort she needed.
I, on the other hand, turned down my original surgeon assigned to me as


I wanted a doctor with more cases and internet recommendations. I found Dr. Pitch who has a lovely personal warmth and did not want to give me a Mid-Facelift as he said I was not ready.

The whole experience was so well run. The nursing staff are to be commended as they are warm and many. You don't have to fret about calling on them for any need which is exactly what you want after major surgery. They make post-operative recovery so much easier to heal. The food was the only let down but rather minor as you are not that hungry anyway. From what I can see my nose looks pretty nice so far. I'm still puffy after 2 days so am excited to see results in the coming weeks.
I would recommend Yanhee for it's attention to health and safety as it is faultless in that regard.

United Kingdom
"Courteous, professional and excellent"

I have been considering having this surgery for over 10 years and finally decided to do so. I have no regrets and am thrilled with my decision to


have my surgery at Yanhee Hospital.
The admin staff, nurses, my doctor, and Operating Room staff were all courteous, professional and excellent. My follow-up care has been outstanding and the staff have been very informative to help with my recovery and manage my expectations of the results. Thank you so much and see you next time.

"The people in the hospital are so nice and friendly."

I had really big boobs and I was told by my doctors to look at getting a Breast Reduction. But when I looked into in Australia it was too expensive so I kept living


with my back and neck pain. Couldn't go to the gym because of my back pain. So I looked into getting it done in Thailand where it was a lot cheaper and was told that they are really nice people. So I came here and got it done.
The people in the hospital are so nice and friendly, helped me through the whole thing, made sure I was alright.

"Once again thanks to my doctor."

Everything was more than satisfying. I liked the doctor's smile and the cooperation of the staff with our feelings and wants. The


results from the first day was very clear and satisfying. The best thing since I am from another country the day I came to the doctor, the same day I did my operation.
Once again thanks to my doctor, and the lovely nurses.

"The after care has been very good."

Overall, am very happy with results. So far only 1 week post-op but my tummy looks so nice and flat already. My breasts are a perfect shape and I have no pain in them at all. I thought


my scars would be much worse but they are very neat and precise. Doctor and anesthetist were very thorough in explaining exactly what would be happening.
I had many opportunities to ask questions. The after care has been very good, constantly have nurses checking on you and tending to any requests. The surgeon even comes to check on you twice a day. I look forward to seeing the full results after my full recovery.
Many thanks.

"I would definitely come back in the future."

This is my second surgery procedure which I have done at Yanhee. I would like to point out how satisfactory


it is always to come into this hospital. Everybody is very professional and efficient. I would definitely come back in the future and would recommend to anybody to experience a world-class service within the world of hospitality and plastic surgery.

"The hospital is absolute heaven."

I am very pleased with the doctor and the nurses have been great. The hospital is absolute heaven. Great service from all the staff, starting from International Desk help, Chafik, to the cleaning lady.


The whole experience has been wonderful.
I came to the hospital to do a lot more than what i have done, but due to my short time of stay I only did 2 things. But I will be back and I will pass this experience to all my friends in Australia. Thank you so much.
Thanks to all staff, all nurses, Dana, Grace, Darlene, Elsie and the rest.

"10 out of 10"

I was extremely happy with the assistance, with the friendly staff, hygiene. Was a 10 out of 10 standard. I would recommend to all to attend Yanhee Hospital for all procedures they wish to have. Very nice.

"Better than Australian hospitals"

The hospital and staff are amazing. Treatment and aftercare are better than Australian hospitals, and the nursing staff are amazing.
I will definitely recommend the Yanhee Hospital to all friends and clients back home.

"The doctors were very sensitive."

I am very delighted with the results of my procedures. The doctors were very sensitive to my needs. Doctor Krairit's work was very fine and delicate, with the stitching very neat. The nursing staff looked after me very well. I didn't hardly have any pain at all.

"The stay was good."

I chose Dr. Sanit because of his experience and qualifications on the Board of Plastic Surgeons and his expertise in reconstructive surgery. I felt this gave him more experience in dealing with muscle and nerves.


I felt less likely that any rare but occasional complications with this background. Dr. Sanit was professional and great personality and good surgeon. Aura, the international coordinator, was excellent as well as the 2 Filipino ward nurses, Jean and Dana. The stay was good. I had a slight problem with post-anesthesia nausea and they took care of it immediately. If I need other procedures would not hesitate to come back.

"I can't thank enough."

My experience at Yanhee Hospital was very satisfactory. The international coordinators, Villyn, Joann, and Xamantha, were there for me for the 5 days I was in hospital. The nursing staff, I


can't thank enough. Dr. Greechart did a magnificent job. For a lone traveler as myself, know that you are never on your own at Yanhee Hospital. They gave me the comfort and reassurance that I needed.
From the moment I arrived, my international coordinator, Ms. Kul, was very informative and was with me up to the minute I left for surgery.

"The atmosphere and professionalism was impressive."

From first email contact with Yanhee International Hospital the communications and information was very friendly and professional including recommendations and costs.
From arrival at Yanhee Hospital the atmosphere and professionalism was impressive. Dr. Pitch's experience of 5 years on general surgery followed


by a further 16 years in plastic surgery is very apparent in the sure, swift assessment and highly gifted and skilled surgery.
Dr. Pitch is a friendly, caring plastic surgeon who carefully advises regarding all aspects prior to the surgery, executes precise surgery and follows through with daily personal post-operation visits. The entire team at Yanhee International Hospital work in a highly-organized, friendly and efficient manner, maintaining excellent service and pristine conditions.
I highly recommend Dr. Pitch as in my opinion, a world leading plastic surgeon.

"Amazing service"

Surgery in a foreign country can be very daunting, especially when you hear about a lot of horror stories. This was the second time I have used Yanhee Hospital, the first experience was by myself, and both experiences have been great! They were great for many reasons but the few that stood out to me were:

1. The efficiency. Everything was done relatively quick, something that you don’t see back here at home. There were some concerns after surgery with pain medications, and we


made a call to the hospital to express our concerns. Once we made our way back to the hospital, we were put straight through with no hesitation or question and everything was sorted. Before we could even blink, we were fixed up with more medications and on our way back to the hotel. Amazing service.

2. Professionalism. The cleanliness and standards of the hospital and the friendliness of staff were excellent. Our Doctor - Dr Thawatchai was extremely humble and honest. The doctors over here recommended me a much larger implant which only would have benefit them as they would have got more money. The doctor explained the complications of getting that big an implant now, and even though he/hospital would have received more money for doing it, advised me against it.
I guess we are used to everyone trying to squeeze every last cent out of you here, and the fact that was not even a concern for him, I guess was a little different for us.

"I was made to feel at ease from the moment I stepped into the Hospital."

Very pleased with treatment received, care and attention of staff. I was made to feel at ease from the moment I stepped into the Hospital.
I would recommend anybody wanting cosmetic surgery to come to Yanhee Hospital and highly recommend Dr. Pitch.

"There is not enough space to say thank you."

I cannot begin to express how pleased I am that I pushed past my fears of a "new culture", "new language" and being along to come to Yanhee Hospital. From the time I chatted online with Maureen, she answered all my questions. I was so pleased with how wonderful everything was and the fact that Dr. Visut would take the time to


answer my emails personally. I knew I had to meet this man and trusted him with my health and such a personal surgery.
Miss Joanne is so professional, kind and thoughtful and Pla was available to help in all ways. Always smiling when I would see either of them. There were so many nursing staff I can't begin to name them but they all treated me with care and kindness. The Dental Center was also great!!

Thank so much Dr. Araya for your kindness, assurance, concern for my pain - it hurt each time (smile). Going beyond the call of duty!!! See you soon. Your assistant was also so kind and respectful. There is not enough space to say thank you!! Thank you!!

"Dr. Greechart did a magnificent job."

My experience at Yanhee Hospital was very satisfactory.
The international coordinators, Villyn, Joann, and Xamantha, were there for me for the 5 days I was in hospital. The nursing staff,


I can't thank enough. Dr. Greechart did a magnificent job.
For a lone traveler as myself, know that you are never on your own at Yanhee Hospital. They gave me the comfort and reassurance that I needed. From the moment I arrived, my international coordinator, Ms. Kul, was very informative and was with me up to the minute I left for surgery.

"Big applause for this great hospital."

I was at the Yanhee hospital some days ago to make an eyelid operation (correction) at Dr. Suthat. I am Now In Denmark again and I will get my stitches removed


in Denmark in some days.
I just want to thank you Dr. Suthat so much for a great experience for this operation. And traveling all the way just for this operation is everything worth when you get such a great experience. So thank you for everything the hospital had done to make this go well.
Big applause for this great hospital.

"I am extremely happy with my results for my breast augmentation."

I would like to thank all the nurses and doctors involved for being so informative and accommodating to my needs throughout this whole process.
I am extremely happy with my results for my breast augmentation.

"Love my tummy now"

All the nurses were great. They were caring towards me. They were kind and gentle. Very good at their job.
Very happy with Yanhee Hospital. Thank you to my Dr. Vitawat. Love my tummy now. And a big thank you to all my nurses.

New Zealand
"The doctors are amazing"

I love my new breast look. At first I was frightened I would go too big, because the doctor recommended 330cc each side and I was


doubtful and thought I should go smaller. However, I had always heard people saying they wished they went bigger, so I took his advice. Now they are swollen, but perfect, so they will reduce a little but thankfully I listened!
The hospital staff is amazing, the doctors are amazing, and the service incredible.

"Professionalism is the name of the game here at Yanhee"

I was impressed from the moment I arrived and reassured by the many pre-op precautions/preparations. It was also reassuring to note the strict procedures followed by each and every department to identify me, ensuring I was who I was and what procedures I was


undergoing. So very pleased and finally had this operation done.
Professionalism is the name of the game here at Yanhee - a job for everyone and everyone does her job well!
I can't really comment on the food as I have not been in the least bit hungry, though it certainly looks ok. Only complaint is coffee or lack of it and the need to have fresh milk. There is no morning/afternoon tea.
All in all a pretty good experience if a slight culture shocked.

"My overall experience has been very very good"

The hospital is very clean and efficiently run. The staff are very professional and willing to assist at any time of the day or night. I would not hesitate to


recommend the services of Yanhee to other international patients.
The doctor was thorough in his examination and explanation of the procedures and what results I could expect and did not hesitate to correct any unrealistic ideas that I had.
My overall experience has been very very good. Thank you Yanhee and staff. Your service has been very much appreciated.

"You changed my life."

The hospital is very good, the nurses are very sweet and professional and my surgeon Dr. Somsak did an amazing job. I was very


well taken care of and they have all my gratitude for being so good to me.
I recommend Yanhee Hospital with my eyes closed, to anyone who seek a top of the line service with good hygiene, technique and professionalism. Thank you. Keep the good work.
You changed my life.

"I am extremely happy with the treatment before and after surgery."

I am extremely happy with the treatment before and after surgery that I received. Dr. Pramote was very professional and caring. The staff at Yanhee are the best nurses


I have ever had take care of me.
I would thoroughly recommend Dr. Pramote to anyone wishing to come to Yanhee Hospital for cosmetic surgery. The hospital is clean and there is a wide choice of food which would suit all tastes.
Overall, I would give Yanhee Hospital, doctors and staff 9.5 out of 10. Thank you all.

United States
"I could not have asked for anything more."

The services at Yanhee were great. The doctors and nursing staff and the international care team all did a fine job. I could not have asked for anything more. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Dr. Somsak has done a marvelous job. I am very happy.

"I do recommend Yanhee to others."

It has been a real experience for me. The nurses and doctors here are very helpful, even with the language barrier it was still informative and understanding.
My surgery was not as bad as I expected


with pain and other things but I was made comfortable as much as possible. I am happy with my result and am thinking of coming back for other procedures.
I do recommend Yanhee to others as my experience has been great especially with the staff. Thank you so much especially to nurses Jean and Dana. It has been a pleasure meeting you ladies. Take care and I'll see you next time.

New Zealand
"My surgeon has done an excellent job."

I have found the staff at Yanhee to be very caring and professional. My surgeon has done an excellent job and


the after surgery care I have received has been excellent.
The international liaison did a very good job at ensuring I was okay and I understood everything. Their role should be highlighted more in your advertising as you would get more international clients.

"The best hospital experience I have had."

Stayed 2 nights after Nose Reshaping. The nurses, doctors, administration, food, etc. were 10 out of 10.
The best hospital experience I have had (and I've had 5). Will be back next year. Highly recommend to all.

"Amazing doctors"

Having had previous successful surgery at Bumrungrad, I made the decision this time based on price and a recommendation from a friend to this time go to Yanhee for my surgery. I initially made contact via the website but then made the call and went down to Yanhee for consultation.
Yanhee is a very busy place at times it seems a


little chaotic but believe me the nurses know exactly what is going on. My doctor was polite and assured me he could fix the hump on my nose plus refine it a bit more.

I was booked in for an open rhinoplasty but my surgeon ended up being able to do the job as a closed rhinoplasty meaning I would have no visible scars. Time will tell once the swelling goes down if I am satisfied with the results. Thus far it looks very good!
The nurses were efficient and lovely and I felt safe and comfortable in their care. I would not hesitate to recommend or return myself to Yanhee for surgery. Amazing doctors, level of care plus concern from nurses.

"Wonderful and very helpful staff "

Yanhee staff have been wonderful and very helpful during my procedure and post-procedure. I would definitely recommend Yanhee to future patients looking for safe and professional procedures.

"I am satisfied by the results."

Well from the day of admission to discharge I always knew I was in good hands. The nurses attended to my every need and I


faced virtually no pain since the operation.

I am satisfied by the results and also found quite surprising what one hospital could amount to, being a total health care center.
Yanhee Hospital is an upstanding example of modern medical care and it deserves the accolades and future developments it gets.

"I would definitely recommend Yanhee"

Yanhee staff have been wonderful and very helpful during my procedure and post-procedure. I would definitely recommend Yanhee to future patients looking for safe and professional procedures.

United Kingdom
" I felt in safe hands."

The hospital is clean easy to navigate and very international friendly with numerous English speaking staff. Dr. Somboon was gentle and patient with


me and did a fantastic job. Highly recommended. The nurses are very caring and gentle looking after every need. I felt in safe hands throughout the stay. Another note is how carefully they are about details double and triple checking everything.
Overall the experience was better than expected.


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Located in the heart of Bangkok, Yanhee Hospital is less than a 40-minute drive from the international Suvarnabhumi Airport. The hospital is in a prime location for patients wishing to discover the delights of Bangkok. The famous Wat Phra Kaew or Temple of the Emerald Buddah, is one of the top tourist attractions in the city, as is the bustling Chatuchak weekend market. You’ll never be on short things to see and do as a visitor in Thailand so be sure to soak up as much of the ancient history, and sample as many of the local delicacies as possible!

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