Dr. Sophie Chung, MD
Dr. Sophie Chung, MD
Medical Author & Reviewer

Dr. Sophie Chung, MD

  Berlin, Germany

CEO and co-founder of Qunomedical, Dr. Sophie Chung, completed her M.D. degree at the University of Vienna in 2008. She gained first-hand experience as a doctor in Australia, and subsequently through an NGO in Cambodia. In 2015, Dr. Chung founded Qunomedical with the goal to revolutionize healthcare through greater transparency.


Sophie Chung is a medical doctor with hands-on experience of working with patients and hospitals. She’s also an expert in the medical travel sector and has spoken at numerous conferences and on podcasts about patients accessibility to healthcare and putting humanity at the heart of the medical industry. Dr. Chung has been interviewed and published in Forbes, Der Spiegel, and Handelsblatt. She also regularly contributes to Sixty&Me.

Qunomedical Editorial Guidelines

Qunomedical is a patient-first company. What does that mean? Our treatment pages, blogs, and guides are created for the patient so they can make confident choices about their health.

We want to answer your most important questions and we source from peer-reviewed medical journals, government organizations, and academic institutions. We employ a rigorous proofing process and work with our Medical Review Board along with world-renowned doctors to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information to best of our ability.

Qunomedical has worked with over 6,500 patients to give them the best quality treatment, regardless of backgrounds or borders.

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