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Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Breast augmentation with fat transfer aims to enhance the contours of a woman’s breasts. For many women, feeling anxious about how their breasts look can be upsetting. This natural breast augmentation surgery aims to tackle this, by extracting fat from one area of the body and injecting it into the breasts. It’s become an increasingly popular plastic surgery treatment over recent years, with a number of patients making use of high-quality, affordable care on offer abroad.

However, while there are plenty of options available for natural breast augmentation, it can also feel overwhelming when it comes to finding the right doctor. That’s why Qunomedical is here to help. We’ve created this dedicated breast augmentation with fat transfer treatment page. Here, you can find extensive information on the procedure, as well as high-quality clinic and doctor options abroad.

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Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer Quick Details



  • Breast augmentation with fat transfer surgery usually lasts around 1-2 hours.

  • If you have the procedure close to home then you should be able to return home following an overnight stay at the clinic.

  • For those who choose to travel abroad, you will be required to stay overnight at the hospital.


  • Normal, routine activities can be resumed after around 2-3 days.

  • You can go back to the gym to resume light training activities about a week after the surgery.

  • However, cardio activities should be avoided for 3-4 weeks and heavy lifting or intense activity for six weeks.

  • In most cases, it takes around 6-8 weeks to make a full recovery.



  • Infection

  • Microcalcification

  • Scarring

  • Bleeding

  • Hematoma

  • Fat embolsim

  • Necrosis of fat cells

  • Dispersion of fat cells

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer Costs

Breast augmentation with fat transfer costs have steadied, mainly due to the accessibility to affordable treatment options abroad. With that being said, prices for the surgery can vary greatly, not only between locations but also between specific doctors and clinics. This makes it really important to consider all options — both abroad and at home — when it comes to booking your treatment.

Quno Price

The Qunomedical team works hard to ensure that every patient can access healthcare at a price that is affordable for them. While this does involve searching for the cheapest price out there, it doesn’t mean scrimping on quality. We’ll never provide you with information on doctors or clinics that haven’t met our high standards for quality of care.

Below, we’ve outlined some starting prices for fat transfer breast augmentation in a few different countries. These prices have all been taken from Qunomedical-approved clinics. However, bear in mind that they’re not fixed or guaranteed and may vary depending on individual factors.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
Czech Republic€2,020
Turkey €3,506

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer: How Does It Work?

A fat transfer breast augmentation, often referred to as a fat transfer boob job, is done to increase or change the size of your breasts. The fat transfer, or fat grafting, procedure involves extracting fat from another part of your body and injecting it into your breasts to improve their contours. Fat is usually taken from parts of your body where there is excess, such as your tummy or thighs. This technique differs from the other type of breast augmentation surgery which uses implants that are inserted into the breasts. Fat transfer is a more natural method as it uses existing fat, rather than the creation of prosthetic material, to enhance the contours of your breasts.

What Does a Natural Breast Augmentation Involve?

When it comes to the procedure itself, every patient will have slightly different experiences. The surgery can vary depending on where the fat is extracted from, how much is used, and your individual goals from the treatment. However, there are a few common steps involved in all fat transfer boob jobs.

1. Initial Consultation

Before the treatment can be carried out, initial consultations need to take place between the patient and the doctor. Together, the area of the body that will be used for fat removal is chosen. This is commonly the abdominal area, buttocks, back, or thighs.

2. Anaesthesia and Fat Extraction

Once everything is ready, the patient is placed under either general or local anaesthesia, depending on the individual case. The doctor then makes a small incision in the previously selected area and a liposuction cannula is inserted to delicately draw out the amount of fat needed. The fat is then purified in a centrifuge and placed in small syringes that are used for making the actual transfer.

3. Fat Transfer

Following the fat extraction, the doctor then makes an incision on the breast and injects the extracted fat into the areas to be augmented. The injection is carried out several times, to achieve the desired enhancement and look.

4. Closure

As the final step, the doctor closes the incisions with either stitches, medical-grade skin adhesive, or surgical tape, depending on the incision sites. The breasts are then covered with bandages. If dissolvable stitches are used, they are broken down by the body within around 6-8 weeks. If the doctor used sutures that are not absorbable, they are typically taken out after seven days.

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer: What To Expect

It’s important to go into a fat transfer breast augmentation with realistic expectations and to be fully aware of the risks and side effects. This is vital to both a successful surgery and recovery. During your consultation, make sure to ask your doctor about all aspects of the procedure, so you can be confident in your decision and prepared for recovery.

Please be aware that although you might notice a difference immediately following the surgery, it takes anywhere from 6-12 months for the final results to appear. There’s also the possibility that more than one session may be needed to achieve your desired look, and over time fat cells may disperse, which can change the look of your breasts. Additional factors such as breastfeeding and weight fluctuations will also influence the appearance of your breasts. Lastly, your doctor will ask you to wear a compression garment on the area where fat was extracted from and may prescribe painkillers for a few days following your fat transfer boob job.

Popular Locations and Doctors

When it comes to choosing where to go for your breast augmentation with fat transfer surgery, there are a number of locations, clinics, and doctors that offer high-quality care at a fair price. The Kardiolita Hospital in Lithuania for example, offers dedicated treatment packages that are specifically designed for international patients. The hospital is also home to renowned doctors such as Dr. Mindaugas Kazanavičius, MD, who has performed over 250 treatments and is an expert in breast augmentation treatments.

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