Quno Patient Story: Fereba's Rhinoplasty in Turkey

 Harriet Bouvain

Harriet Bouvain - Medical Content Writer

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Fereba had always been unhappy about the way her nose looked and had planned for a long time to have a rhinoplasty to change it. Living in Germany, she tried looking into options locally but none of the clinics and doctors felt right. So finally, she took the plunge and had her rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey. This is the story of her treatment journey in her own words:

“My name is Fereba, I’m 21 years old and from Germany. With the help of Qunomedical, I traveled to Turkey for my treatment. My nose had always bothered me, because I just didn't like it optically. That's why I had planned to have a rhinoplasty."

I just didn't find the right clinic for me in Germany. A friend finally suggested I look for options abroad, that’s how I found Qunomedical

"At first I looked in Germany for clinics. But I didn’t find a clinic or doctor that I really liked or someone I could talk to and the costs for the surgery were very high. A friend finally suggested I look for options abroad, and that’s how I found Qunomedical. They got in touch with me right away and provided me with my personal health manager, Jannis, who looked after me during the whole process."

Of course I had doubts, but these were quickly settled

"After a conversation about what I was looking for, I got various options sent to me. Based on this, and the conversations with Jannis, I decided that GOP Hospital was the best choice for me. Of course I had doubts, but these were quickly settled by the attention and all-around care I received at the Turkish clinic. And I could always reach out to Qunomedical at any time if I needed to. I was picked up on time and without problems from the airport in Turkey and was driven to the hotel. Everything was already organized there, so that I could immediately check in. The next morning I was picked up and taken to the hospital. A very friendly and competent contact person was assigned to me. She was a great help, especially with all the translations. In the hospital, which was very modern, all the important tests were done. Then the doctor who would perform the surgery joined us for my consultation. She really took the time to make me feel comfortable, asked again what exactly I imagined and gave me some advice and tips. The surgery was done the same day without any complications. I spent one night in the hospital and had my own private room. My condition and state of health were being monitored constantly. The food was adjusted to my needs and again and again the nurses came by to make sure I drank enough water."

I'm completely happy with the result

"The next day I was driven to the hotel where I spent the rest of the stay to recover without any complications. The day before my departure I was taken back to the hospital for a follow-up check and the plaster removal."

"I’m completely happy with the result. Even though the final result will only be visible after 6 months, I’m so very satisfied already. Jannis from Qunomedical checked in with me on a regular basis asking if everything went well at the hotel, the airport and the hospital. I have to say that I had my doubts at the beginning, but all my questions were answered super fast, so that both myself and my family were reassured.The results have not only made me happy, but also my family.”

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