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Cayra Clinic Antalya

Antalya, Turkey

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Cayra Clinic Antalya Reviews

Kaan was extremely helpful in helping…

Kaan was extremely helpful in helping me book my procedure, all my questions were answered quickly and without fuss. Thank you.

Craig Hunter
Rhinoplasty Surgery

After researching the Internet on how to go about getting a Rhinoplasty surgery and the best places to get this procedure, I contacted Qunomedical. Kaam instantly got back in touch with me asking some questions and coming back to me with a few very good suggestions. Within 24 hours of making contact with Qunomedical I had the Country & Clinic I was going to have the surgery with booked in. I choose to go to Turkey and had my operation done with Dr Elmas in Cayra Clinic in Antalya. After I had my deposit paid Kaam then passed over all my details to Maira who looks after customer care at Qunomedical. Maira has been fantastic throughout the whole process, updating me regularly leading up to my departure date to Turkey, making sure I had all my information with me ie passport etc. Cayra Clinic were amazing, transport was waiting for outside the Airport Terminal building, a top of the range chauffeur SUV is what I was transported around in during my stay in Antalya. All the while Maira was constantly keeping in touch with me checking I was OK and happy with how things were going. I had my Rhinoplasty surgery on the 1st November which went really well, I spent a night in the hospital and was discharged the following day after a consultation with Dr Elmas who showed me the before and after photos, which were amazing the difference. I then recovered back in my hotel La Boutique Hotel in Antalya which was perfect, lovely quiet hotel with stunning ocean views. Three days after my operation I was brought to Dr Elmas clinic were my splint was removed and Dr Elmas went through the healing process over the coming months with me. I am now back home in Ireland feeling fantastic. I was really impressed with how efficient Qunomedical were in dealing with me from start to finish, I cannot recommend Qunomedical highly effort! I genuinely mean this they offer a fantastic service with wonderful people working for them, Kaam who initially made contact with me and them Maira my Customer Care agent both were fantastic throughout my Rhinoplasty journey. Thank you both. For anyone thinking for getting any surgery done whether it be Rhinoplasty, Veneers etc I can only highly recommend working with Qunomedical. Excellent company offering a wonderful service. Thank you Kaam & Maira

Kieron Friel
Very helpful

Speaking to kaan was so lovely! He answered all my questions, was upfront, honest and gave me all the time I need to make a desision. I'm very happy with my experience and excited for next year! ☺️

So friendly and helpful

So friendly and helpful


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Dr. Feridun Elmas, MD

Very good


Dr. Feridun Elmas, MD


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