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Ceramic-Metal Crown

Ceramic-Metal crowns are a type of dental crown. A dental crown can be applied on top of the affected tooth, restoring its appearance and helping to keep it healthy.

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quick details
  • Patients who have worn down their teeth over time
  • Individuals who have chipped teeth
  • Patients who have discolored or misshapen teeth
  • Individuals with tooth decay
  • On average, dental crowns should remain in place for 5-15 years
  • 94% have a 8-year survival rate
  • 75% have a 18-year survival rate
  • 2 to 3 days
  • Single session: 1 hour
  • Whole process: up to 3 to 4 weeks if done locally, 1 week if done abroad
  • Inflammation
  • Bleeding
  • Heightened sensitivity to hot and cold is common
  • Infection
  • Crown breakage

Crowns involve the placement of a tooth-shaped cap on top of an affected area, cementing it in place. They tend to be prescribed for a wide variety of patients. If patients have worn down their teeth over timeor if a large cavity has developed, then a crown may be the best remedy.

Sometimes, older fillings start to weaken an entire tooth leading to the need for extra strengthening and crowns are often needed following root canal treatment. They can also be applied for purely cosmetic reasons. For instance, they are a popular way to conceal discolouration or misshapen teeth. A crown is also applied on top of the abutment when a patient gets a dental implant procedure.

How is a crown prepared?

At the first appointment, a dentist will shape the tooth to create a shape that suits a crown.

After that, the dentist may make a mould in the shape of the tooth using a special form of dental "putty". Impressions are also taken of the teeth opposite the one being crowned, so that the dentist can ensure that the crown grinds smoothly against the opposing teeth.

In some cases, dentists can also use computer imaging software to take a snapshot of the affected tooth, which is sent to a laboratory which uses specialist software to assemble a crown.

In most instances, labs receive the impression and create hard copies, usually out of plaster. This hard mould is then used to create a metal, resin or ceramic crown, which is sent back to the dentist.

The dentist now cements the crown in place and may need to trim it slightly to handle any imperfections in the preparation process.

How long does the treatment take?

The duration of then procedure depends on the reason for the treatment. If there is extensive tooth damage, a dentist may need to build up your tooth with an intermediate filling so that it is the correct shape for a crown to be applied.

Generally, you will attend a first appointment where the damaged tooth is ground into the appropriate shape. You will then receive a temporary crown for use while the permanent version is created.

A few weeks after that, you will need to return again for the application. The temporary cap is removed, and the moulded crown is then cemented in place. In both cases, the appointments should last no longer than 1 hour, and can be as quick as 30 minutes, although the whole process can take 3-4 weeks.

However, when traveling abroad to a clinic that accepts international patients, the whole process can be completed in as little as 1 week depending on the number of crowns to be made.

Types of Crowns

Dental crowns come in a range of different materials. Permanent crowns are usually constructed from precious metals like gold or platinum, cobalt or nickel alloys, resin, or ceramics combined with metal.

Ceramic-Metal Crowns

Ceramic-metal crowns are made from a metal substructure that is covered with a layer of ceramic. This sort of hybrid crown can provide a strong, durable solution and natural-looking results at the same time. While ceramic-metal crowns have gradually lost ground in the last few years, they are still widely used thanks to their durability. This type of crowns are also known as porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM).

Crowns can also be made from other materials:

Zirconia Crowns Zirconia crowns are durable, long lasting and well tolerated by the human body.

All-Ceramic Crowns All-Ceramic crowns are a popular options for individuals who are looking for a natural-looking result.

All-Metal Crowns All-Metal Crowns are typically used for hidden molar teeth due to their limited aesthetic appeal.

Gold-Ceramic Crowns Gold is often a preferred material for crowns due to its strength and the fact that it rarely irritates gum tissue.

Temporary crowns are used before permanent crowns are placed.

Additionally, resin crowns are available at a lower cost than either metals or ceramics. While they can be coloured to give a natural look, they tend to wear away more quickly.

In some cases, crowns cannot be applied, and a middle ground between fillings and crowns is used. Also known as "onlays", these caps are simply placed directly onto the tooth, with no extra mould required.

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Dear doctors, thank you for your treatment and warm reception.

Dear doctors, thank you for your treatment and warm reception. Especially grateful to Sweet translator Lady Rosa.

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Everything went well, from the transfers from and to the airport, the treatment and the checkup after the treatment. I'm very pleased with the result and the excellent staff.

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Overall, after seven days, my friend came out with a full smile makeover and a new lease on life.

In December of 2017, I traveled to Poliklinika Bagatin in Zagreb with a dear friend in need of serious dental work. Bagatin's communication before the trip was superb, making us feel like it was the best possible option. The clinic did not fail to impress, with brand new facilities, state-of-the-art technology, and caring, dedicated staff. While the work my friend needed was intensive, we consistently felt like we were in good hands. This level of care would have been inaccessible to us in the US. Bagatin arranged for an airport pickup and dropoff through a partner hotel (even though we chose to find our own accommodations) and even through in some perks for me (like a dermatological visit, a city tour, and a cleaning). Overall, after seven days, my friend came out with a full smile makeover and a new lease on life. This trip was so monumental to both of us that we documented every stage of it and wrote this article upon our return: When my friend was told he needed dentures at age 42, he thought the situation was hopeless. His insurance in the US only covered dentures and anything outside of that would have taken 1-2 years worth of appointments and over $25,000 out of pocket, though his teeth were salvageable. We began researching dental tourism due to anecdotal stories, though it didn't feel like something we could do alone. Trying to accomplish this was daunting, with long wait times for inquiries, insufficient reviews for clinics, difficulty finding English-speakers, and time zone changes. When I consulted with Emma at Qunomedical, all of that changed and dental tourism suddenly seemed like the only viable option for my friend. Qunomedical was immediately responsive and maintained an excellent level of communication through the process. Emma listened to all of our concerns, matching us to the best clinic possible based on my friend's X-Rays. The first match was exactly what I was hoping to find. My friend's life is forever changed for the better and we could not have pulled this off without the help of Qunomedical's dedicated team.

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If you're afraid of the dentist, after this you won't be.

The specialists are experienced, professional and with very developed soft skills. The staff very helpful and welcoming, and the location beautiful. If you're afraid of the dentist, after this you won't be.

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Having Dr. Munitić provide the restorative dentistry that I desperately needed “gave me back my smile” both literally, because I can openly smile without hesitation, and figuratively, because the experience was so top notch!

First of all, THANK YOU for ALL you did to assist my wife and I in our trip to Croatia to have the dental work done at the Clinic. You played a most significant role in making our trip a very memorable one. I am used to having to do all my own arrangements when traveling internationally, so you spoiled me by being so efficient and helpful with all the details. I was able to relax and enjoy the experience. That is saying allot when I was in the dentist chair 6 of the 10 days we were in Croatia. Relaxation and dental work do not normally go in the same sentence. Over a period of several months of email and Skype conversations with Dr. Munitić her proficiency in English, precise diagnosis and clear explanation of the treatment made it easy for us to make the decision to travel to Zagreb from Atlanta for treatment. In summary let me say that having Dr. Munitić provide the restorative dentistry that I desperately needed “gave me back my smile” both literally, because I can openly smile without hesitation, and figuratively, because the experience was so top notch!

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Perfectionist work

Thank you so much for the service you have provided. I want to thank you so much for the service you have provided. It’s been outstanding. I wish you all the best and I look forward for my return I late June. I just need to recover from my last procedure and if I have any questions I will send them to you. Please address Miss Varga with my gratitude for her perfectionist work and also her concerns for my wellbeing. Thank you all!

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Professionalism and excellent facilities

Indexmedica surpassed all expectations with their total professionalism and excellent facilities.