Dr. Bariş Ertürk MD

Dr. Bariş Ertürk, MD

Istanbul Aesthetic Center, Istanbul, Turkey




Practising since 2009

FUE Hair Transplant Package from€3,000

About Dr. Bariş Ertürk

Dr. Bariş Ertürk, MD is a hair transplant specialist in Istanbul, Turkey at Istanbul Aesthetic Center.


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Esentepe Mahallesi, İstanbul Aesthetic Center, Keskin Kalem Sokak, Şişli/Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey

İstanbul Aesthetic Center specialises in plastic surgery and employs a lot of advanced technology in its procedures, such as the FUE method for hair transplant surgery. They accommodate patients in either standard or VIP rooms, and they also house an intensive care unit for emergencies.

In order to assess and constantly improve their patient satisfaction, the facility carries out a ‘Patient Satisfaction Analysis’. For the clinic’s staff, it is crucial that every patient feels at ease and comfortable during their stay. İstanbul Aesthetic Center is located in the heart of the city of Istanbul and is easily accessible via public transport. The facility stays up to date with all scientific improvements and technological innovations in the field of medicine to provide the highest level of care.

  • With extremely responsive clinic patient coordinators, you can get your questions answered quickly.
  • With several treatment package options offering procedures done entirely by highly-trained technicians or full involvement of the doctor, you’ll easily find a package that fits your needs and budget.
  • The small, modern clinic offers an intimate, personalized service catered to your needs.