Qunomedical and Bergman Clinics take over Medical One

Emily Waddell

Emily Waddell - Health Researcher and Writer

Posted Feb 24, 2021

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Qunomedical is boosting its presence in Germany through the take over of Medical One, a platform for plastic and cosmetic treatments with more than 10,000 clients annually and twelve locations across Germany. The clinic group offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentations, liposuctions, and gastric balloons, as well as botox injections and hyaluronic treatments. 

Together with Dutch hospital group Bergman Clinics, Qunomedical will be able to offer more patients access to search for top-quality treatments. Going forward, clinical operations of Medical One will be led by Bergman Clinics, whilst Qunomedical will utilise its expertise to take care of the digital management of patients.

Ultimately, this new take over ensures patients continue to find the right doctors and clinics based on criteria that matter to them. Dr. Sophie Chung, CEO of Qunomedical comments that “our goal is to provide the best possible medical care to all patients worldwide. Medical One is an important component to help us achieve this by strengthening our position in Germany.” 

“Anyone who wants to undergo a plastic or cosmetic procedure in Germany in the future, or who plans to lose weight with the help of a gastric balloon, will have to think of us immediately and will have the opportunity for an initial consultation within a few days,” adds Prof. Christian Wallwiener, CEO of Bergman Clinics Germany.

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