Dr. Marwan Saifi, MD

SAIFI Wroclaw Hair Transplant Center, Wroclaw, Poland


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About Dr. Marwan Saifi

Dr. Marwan Saifi is a highly experienced specialist in cosmetic surgery, whose focus lies on hair transplantation surgery. His international recognition is carried not only by the thousands of procedures he has performed to date, but also by the numerous other achievements he has completed along the way. He has even patented his own device that improves the FUE procedure and has been training doctors from around the world in hair restoration surgery, since 2010.

Some of his other notable credentials include being a fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), earning a diploma from the prestigious American Society of Reconstructive Hair Surgery in 2011, and of course founding his own clinic in Poland: SAIFI Hair Transplant.


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"ul. Sowia 17/5 53-024 Wroclaw, Poland"
Wroclaw, Poland

Dr. Marwan Saifi is the founder of the SAIFI Wroclaw Hair Transplant Center. Dr. Saifi has been heliping people with Hair Transplant procedures since the year 2008.