Qunomedical wins Best Medical Travel Website at the 2018 IMTJ Awards

After winning Best Medical Travel Agency last year, we are very proud to announce that Qunomedical was awarded Best Medical Travel Website at the Medical Travel Summit organized by the IMTJ in Athens.

Gero Graf, COO & Co-Founder of Qunomedical, attended the event. “The whole Qunomedical team has worked hard to make high-quality healthcare available to everyone,” he said. “We feel strongly about the right to access outstanding care regardless of a patient’s location or level of income. This award is a great accomplishment. Patients worldwide can count on Qunomedical as a trusted medical platform providing full transparency and an uncomplicated healthcare experience - from start to finish.”

Organized by The International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ), the summit took place May 21th - 24th in Athens, Greece.

IMTJ was established in 2007 and is considered a trusted and independent information source for medical travel. The massive growth of cross-border healthcare has made shared expertise and knowledge a necessity for all international patients.

Keeping this in mind, IMTJ talks challenging themes in the field of healthcare, including insurance, care quality, and patient safety.

Our COO and Co-Founder, Gero Graf, held a keynote speech on how to grow a patient stream online for healthcare providers. He is thrilled about the award: “With innovative products, a growing team and new fruitful partnerships, 2018 has been a great year for Qunomedical. Our mission is to make healthcare easily accessible to anyone in the world, and change the way patients experience medical information. This award testifies the hard and diligent work of the whole team. We will keep pushing boundaries for making cross-border healthcare as effortless and worry-free as possible for every patient in the world.”

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Maria Fedoruk, Business Development Analyst

Maria builds our network of qualified specialists in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia to improve accessibility to healthcare for our patients.

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