Introducing Qunomedical - an Interview with Our Founder Dr. Sophie Chung

Please briefly introduce yourself and your company, Qunomedical!

I’m Sophie, the founder and CEO of Qunomedical. We are currently 15 people; engineers, doctors, sales people, and lawyers who are unified by a mission to fundamentally transform how patients access and experience healthcare. Qunomedical is a digital health platform that leverages technology and data to enable patients around the world to find the affordable care they deserve and that's right for them.

What problem does Qunomedical solve?

The way I like to think about Qunomedical is as an additional option for patients who might have run out of options. They either can’t find the right specialist or they can’t afford the healthcare they need in their own country because it is frankly too expensive. This is where we come in. We want to provide another option for patients who need to access care, whether they're looking for more affordable treatments, for higher quality treatment or a combination of both.

How exactly does it work?

All the patient has to do is talk to us and let us know what he or she needs and we do the rest. We do the legwork for the patient and we take care of everything they need. We can help a patient find the right doctor and hospital in the right city for them and confirm the appointment within 24 hours. This is something we are very proud of since speed matters when it comes to healthcare, and we are constantly working on improving this as we grow.

Can you explain how you choose the hospitals you work with?

The hospitals and doctors we choose to work with are hand-picked. We have a very strict vetting process during which we look at a number of criteria that allow us to pick high quality hospitals. We look at the doctors, where they were educated, whether the hospitals meet international health standards, we look at whether they have received international accreditations, we consider patient reviews and so on. All of that goes into a vetting algorithm and only the best actually get shortlisted. From there we reach out to the hospitals to work with them.

How can patients find Qunomedical?

The easiest way to find Qunomedical is through the internet, at This is where patients can search for hundreds of treatments, find the right hospital, read reviews from real patients, read about the doctors, and make up their minds what they are looking for.

Where do you see yourself in one year?

In one year I see Qunomedical as bigger and stronger in what we are doing right now. All we want to do is make it as easy as possible for patients to find the right doctor abroad. We make sure that we are a trustworthy resource for the patient at every point throughout the journey; before, during, and after their treatment.

About Qunomedical

Qunomedical is a Berlin based digital medical travel hub that provides patients around the world with access to affordable healthcare. Their vision is to fundamentally transform how patients access and experience healthcare by leveraging smart technology and codifying expert knowledge with medical facts and data. Dr. Sophie Chung’s company aims to democratize healthcare in a world without borders. Although it may seem like a third-world problem, she believes that seeking access to affordable healthcare is a global issue.

About Dr. Sophie Chung

Dr. Sophie Chung is the founder and CEO of Qunomedical. Prior to founding Qunomedical in 2015, she worked as the Director of Healthcare Strategy at Zocdoc, a healthcare technology startup focused on locating doctors and booking appointments. Sophie also previously worked as a project manager for McKinsey&Company’s Healthcare Practice in Germany where she worked with government, hospital, health insurance and pharmaceutical industry clients. After earning her MD degree from Medical University of Vienna in 2008, Sophie gained first-hand experience in treating patients as a doctor in Australia, and tackling the complex issues involved in providing people with access to healthcare whilst working at an NGO in Cambodia. She has completed and presented academic stem cell research, as well as given keynote presentations on academic research and consumerism in healthcare.

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