Why Have Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Abroad?

Rehabilitation, commonly known as rehab, involves specific treatments that aim at helping individuals recover from physical or mental illnesses and any kind of addiction. There are different types of addiction: alcohol and drug addiction are the most common, but there are also other forms of addiction, such as behavioral addictions or gambling. Treatment can either take place in outpatient or inpatient centers, depending on the specific needs of the patient. A residential (inpatient) rehab program gives you the added benefit of being away from your daily routine and surroundings, giving you the opportunity to exclusively focus on your recovery.

How is addiction treated?

Addiction is typically treated through a highly personalized and integrated program that entails several stages combining medical treatment, psychiatric therapy and complementary therapies. Programs are developed on an individual basis but usually follow the following principles:

  1. Assessment and evaluation of the alcohol/drug problem in combination with a general health check
  2. Induction of medical detox and withdrawal from alcohol or drugs
  3. Alcoholism/Drug rehab treatment program
  4. Aftercare program

Rehab facilities abroad

What are the advantages of going abroad for rehab?

While you may tend to think that sticking around family and friends will help your recovery, getting away from your environment and seeking treatment in an unfamiliar setting will dramatically improve your chances of success. Here are a few of the reasons why being away from home for treatment can make a difference:

  • Change of scenery. Being treated away from home and your routine environment will help you fully immerse yourself in the treatment process and improve your results. You’re far from the people or the situations that trigger and perpetuate your addiction and taking yourself out from your commitments will help you establish a new way of life.
  • Privacy. Protecting your confidentiality is crucial when receiving treatment. Being away from home ensures complete privacy for a smooth and successful recovery.
  • Tranquillity. Inpatient facilities, such as our partner clinics Castle Craig Hospital and Smarmore Castle Private Clinic lie in a beautiful, relaxed and tranquil environment to ease your recovery and healing.
  • Reduced costs. You can save up to 50% on your addiction treatment if you decide to travel abroad.

How much does addiction treatment cost?

In the USA, inpatient rehab for alcohol and drug addiction can cost up to $45,000 for a 30-day program, and outpatient treatment can range from free to $500 per session. Qunomedical’s high-quality partner rehab facilities in Europe cost between 20% to 50% less, with prices ranging from 3,200€ to 4,600€ per week.

What options are available with Qunomedical?

Qunomedical’s state-of-the-art partner rehab facilities in Europe are an excellent alternative given their reduced wait times and costs. Check our clinics to discover prices and apply for admission.



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