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DentX Dental Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

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It simply doesn't get any better than this!

It simply doesn't get any better than this! From the pickup at the meeting point, to the super warm welcome at the clinic and the hotel, so very accommodating and hospitable. A dream! On the very first day, the extraction and implatantion and the whole thing without even a hint of pain. Also today, day 2, no trace of pain and when checking the implants and the "measuring" for the temporary teeth, everything was fine and I could already speak intelligibly without teeth. Hardly any swelling left. My best friend could hardly believe it on the phone, and since she also needs implants, I also immediately recommended to her to do it like me. Tomorrow morning a new life begins.... I will finally be able to laugh heartily without any restrictions. Thank you very much dear Qunomedical team!!! I will recommend to all people I meet and who are interested to contact you, because I am so completely happy and convinced. Thank you Thank you

Horst Gaudlitz
Very good service

Very good service

Great experience

Great experience with my representatives at Qunomedical. Would've been perfect had I not been told I needed to pay in Euros when I was able to pay in USD. Ended up costing me an additional $300 in fees that could've been avoided, so make sure you completely understand payment options before leaving. This is also partially on me, since the treatment documents did show USD as an option, but all my communications prior to departing did not reflect that. That side, everyone was very friendly and helpful and the doctors they recommended did a great job. Would absolutely recommend.

Nicholas Parker
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Very helpful and very nice

Very helpful and very nice. If the treatment goes as the "registration", everything is wonderful.

Horst Gaudlitz

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