Dr. Fatma Soysuren

Dr. Fatma Soysuren, MD

Hermes Clinics Izmir, Izmir, Turkey


Very good


Practising since 2011

Primary Rhinoplasty Surgery Package from€3,300

About Dr. Fatma Soysuren

Dr. Fatma Soysuren is a plastic surgeon at Hermes Clinics in Izmir, Turkey. She specialises in rhinoplasties and has performed over 2000 treatments in her career. Dr Soysuren has been practicing as a doctor since 2011.


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Very good


Dr. Fatma Soysuren, MD has achieved 29 out of 35 points and is awarded with a Qunoscore of 8.9, Very good.

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Manavkuyu, 250. Street. No: 23, 35001 Bayraklı/Izmir, Turkey
Izmir, Turkey

Hermes Clinics was founded by doctors with 25 years of experience and who have established and managed the international units of 10 hospitals in the Aegean region. The Hermes network successfully serves thousands of international patients per year, in particular, from the USA and Europe.

Hermes Clinics Izmir is part of the Hermes healthcare network that provides medical services in Turkey. They offer treatments and packages that include a therapy plan, VIP transfer to and from the airport, a guide that speaks your language, accommodation at prestigious 5-star hotels in Izmir, and the option for lifetime aftercare consultations.

Hermes Clinics offer a bundle of services related to plastic surgery, weight loss surgery, hair transplantation, dental treatment and many more. 

  • Founded by doctors with 25 years of experience.
  • Serving thousands of international patients from the USA and Europe.
  • Packages that include VIP transfer from-to the airport, a guide that speaks your language & accommodation