Dr Isaak Fischinger MD

Dr Isaak Fischinger, MD

Augentagesklinik am Spreebogen, Berlin, Germany

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About Dr Isaak Fischinger

Dr Isaak Fischinger has been practising ophthalmology for over 10 years, during which time he has developed his expertise in practice, research and teaching. His experience in all these directions has seen him work not only internationally, but also under various leading professor doctors. At the Spreebogen Eye Clinic in Berlin, he is responsible for many treatments from diagnosis to surgery.

‘My goal is to improve the lives of patients by rectifying their eye issues and giving them sharper vision again. By focusing on personalised care, I like to sit down with each patient and carefully assess the condition of their eyes and what their specific needs are.’

Dr Fischinger’s Professional Experience

Dr Fischinger began his journey in 2012 in Zurich, as a research assistant at the Institute for Refractive and Ophthalmic Surgery; he still holds this position today. Shortly after joining this institute, he became an assistant physician there too. Over the next few years would gain experience under the same title at different hospitals in Germany, before working under Prof. Dr Manfred Tetz at the Spreebogen Eye Clinic, where he is still active. During this time, he was also a doctor at Zurich University and attained a Fellowship with the European Board of Ophthalmology in Paris.

Now a specialist in ophthalmology with a diverse background of experience, Dr Fischinger is not only treating patients in Berlin, but also participates in scientific cooperation and teaching at Kepler University Hospital Linz in Austria. Furthermore, he collaborates with Prof. Dr Dr Seiler, who developed refractive corneal laser eye surgery.

Recognition and Memberships

Aside from his Fellowship, Dr Fischinger is also a member of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and the German Ophthalmological Society. He was also the recipient of the Julius Springer Prize for Ophthalmology in 2015.

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Augentagesklinik Spreebogen Berlin, Alt-Moabit 101B, 10557 Berlin
Berlin, Germany

About the Clinic

Situated in central Berlin, the Augentagesklinik am Spreebogen provides patients with access to comprehensive ophthalmology services across a spacious 1,500 square metre facility. The clinic utilises cutting-edge equipment and technologies to ensure accurate and dependable treatment. Led by the expertise of Prof. Dr. Manfred Tetz, a team of experienced specialists offers a wide range of treatments, including refractive surgery, such as LASIK, iLASIK, PRK, and LASEK, as well as lens surgery options.

Refractive surgery

Refractive surgery changes the refraction power of the eye to correct existing ametropia, offering the potential to significantly improve vision and, for many patients, eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. The clinic's experienced ophthalmologists conduct thorough assessments to determine the best refractive surgery method for your individual needs.

Some of the reasons why patients choose the Augentagesklinik am Spreebogen:

  • Experienced and qualified ophthalmologists, including Prof. Dr. med. Manfred Tetz, a pioneer in eye surgery with over 110,000 procedures.

  • Commitment to high-quality standards, innovative medical advancements, and the latest surgical techniques.

  • Scientifically supported, up-to-date knowledge through university teaching and publications.

  • DIN ISO certification (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015) ensuring quality standards.

  • Advanced technology, including 17 highly specialised lasers for various procedures.

  • Recognised by reputable publications like Focus magazine and Berliner Kurier.

  • Central location with convenient transport links and nearby 4-star hotel accommodation.

Your free consultation

Speak to a Qunomedical expert and directly book your free consultation at the clinic.

  • Highly modern technology used, including laser equipment
  • Prof. Dr Manfred Tetz: world-renowned eye surgery researcher and 100,000+ procedures performed
  • Modern practice certified by the ISO, right in the heart of Berlin