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Dr. Stefan Pfaffenberger, MD

Co-Ordination, Vienna, Austria

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Practising since 2010

Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty from€5,800

About Dr. Stefan Pfaffenberger

Dr. Stefan Pfaffenberger is one of Austria’s leading Cardiologists. In his private practice in Vienna, he specialises in complex cardiological diseases. Close collaboration with his colleagues from other fields in his practice allows him to take a holistic approach. Dr. Pfaffenberger speaks German and English fluently.


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The whole process was very well-coordinated- With Qunomedical, we were in permanent contact over e-mail and telephone.

The whole process was very well-coordinated, the waiting times were decent and the medical staff was always very polite, informative and patient. One thing I liked in particular was that one day, when discussing some treatment options, one of the doctors recommended one thing over another, because he said he'd read some research papers recently which have found some side-effects of the alternative medicine. With Qunomedical, we were in permanent contact over e-mail and telephone, from the first time I asked for a quota until now, when we're switching some follow-up e-mails. Everybody's been really polite, friendly and professional.

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Das Ärzte-Zentrum Lange Gasse 67/9 1080 Vienna
Vienna, Austria

A network of specialists is concentrated in the Co-Ordination private medical centre, covering the fields of cardiology, nephrology, endocrinology, oncology, orthopaedics, aesthetic medicine, neurology, and more. They place a strong focus on internal medicine and surgical treatment, and because there are so many specialists under one roof, interdisciplinary cooperation is readily possible for cases that need it.

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