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Ebru Ersan Dental Clinic is located in Bakirköy and was founded in 2003 by Dr. Ebru Ersan, a specialist in Dental implantology.

The clinic offers a wide variety of dental treatments ranging from teeth whitening to dental implants. The medical staff especially excels in the fields of endodontics and dental surgery, implantology, orthodontics and dental aesthetics.

Dr. Ersan stays on top of the latest developments in the field of dentistry by attending seminars and conferences both in Turkey and abroad and makes it her principle to implement new methods, innovations and state-of-the-art technology in her clinic to offer patients best possible treatments. One example is the modern CEREC 3D technology used at Ebru Ersan Dental for dental restorations. It allows for crowns, inlays or veneers with a perfect fit to be produced and fitted within the space of a single appointment completely without the need to take impressions.

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English, Turkish
Medical Staff
Dr. Ebru Küçük Erşan Dr. Ebru Küçük Erşan


Implantology, Aesthetic Dentistry

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Dental degree - Istanbul University, Faculty of Dentistry, Turkey


Turkish, English

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Istanbul Chamber of Dentistry

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Verified Patient



June 25, 2019

| Dental Bridge




Thank you very much for the great job and the highly appreciated showed friendly hospitality

I had several teeth problems in my lower jaw. The molar teeth right side were wobbling and bad breathing was unbearable. I am a smoker for decades, due to that two incisors teeth were also slightly wobbling and almost going out of lower jaw gum. In order to repair these bad teeth this kind of treatment would have cost a hell of a lot of money here in Switzerland. Notice: I have double citizen right, namely Turkish and Swiss. As I know the quality in Turkey will be at least the same (even better) compared to Switzerland and the price is far less than here in Switzerland. Mrs. Ebru recommended me to treat the wisdom tooth by using bone grafting method. But for molars teeth, that was not a possible treatment to rescue them. The recommendation was to remove these bad teeth and setting two implants. And for two incisors teeth, she recommends me to have a Zirconia-Bridge on four incisors teeth. Now! After flawless treatment, I can talk to the people without having any inhibitions since I know that I don’t have bad breathing. I am smiling happily since my teeth are looking brilliant. When I eat or drink, I don’t feel pain anymore. I feel very comfortable and confident with the actual condition of my teeth and am thankful with the treatment carried out by Mrs. Ebru. I was searching for a dental clinic which has experienced and knowledgeable about the above mentioned teeth problems. Several relatives and friends told me about Mrs. Ebru’s clinic and recommended me to go there since they have good experience over the years. I went to the clinic and since then I became a very happy patient of Mrs. Ebru. As I went there for the first time I was impressed by the very clean, highly modern dental clinic and how I was friendly/warm-hearted welcomed by Mrs. Ebru and her working team. In the meeting, after the first investigation of my bad teeth, Mrs. Ebru explained to me in a simple way, in order that I could understand/follow technical conversation, what kind of treatment she imagines. From the beginning I was totally convinced and felt happy that I was speaking with a highly educated and experienced dentist. I was relieved by getting the feeling “Yes now I came to the correct

address”. Mrs. Ebru and her team did an amazing job. Since this treatment, I never ever had any problem with the treated teeth. I want to point out that the job and used material quality is the best one which I never had previously. During the treatment, I recognized that Mrs. Ebru (almost!) never asked her assistants for the tools she needs. Assistants could follow her work and pre-prepared their self for the next step before she asked. They are really a very well established team! I want to give my statement/opinion as a small thanks to Mrs. Ebru and her team for the great job they did. Since I found the correct address respectively huge experienced dentist for every kind of the teeth-treatment now I am happy to say that I have more teeth in my mouth which will be treated inevitably in the future. Thank you very much, Mrs. Ebru, for a great job and the highly appreciated showed friendly hospitality. Show more

Verified Patient

Huseyin K.,

United Kingdom

April 18, 2019

| Wisdom Tooth Extraction




Thank you so much for providing such wonderful and affordable service!

I would like to thank Ms Ebru K. Ersan and her entire team for the excellent care I received during my visit to her dental clinic in central Istanbul. After some disappointing and costly visits to several dentists in London, Mrs Ebru Ersan promptly revealed a wrong diagnosis, precisely decided on the right method of treatment and performed an excellent wisdom tooth removal. No swelling at all! I highly recommend a visit to Mrs Ersan if you would like to receive professional and high quality care in a cutting-edge technology clinic. Thank you so much for providing such wonderful and affordable service!

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