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Global Medical Center Szeged

Szeged, Hungary

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Global Medical Center Szeged Reviews

Very professional, friendly & did a great job.

They communicated very well before, during & after the procedure. The facility was clean and everything seemed very new and orderly. The staff was very friendly and knowledgable. The procedure was over 2 days and I slept in a room in the clinic for 2 nights. The bedroom was sparse, but very clean sufficient. The procedure was very successful and I would recommend it.

Bryan S.
  • Global Medical Center Szeged
Incredible result - Szeged, Hungary.

I booked with Qunomedical, after several consultations with Luke, one of their clinical advisers. He was helpful throughout the entire decision making, quotation and booking process. One thing to highlight, is that there is no sales pitch whatsoever with Qunomedical, they let you do the pushing and ask the questions at your own pace. After comprehensive review of the testimonials, I booked and traveled to Szeged, Hungary in Summer 2019. My entire experience was exactly as I expected. If - like me - you opt to travel to one of the most popular locations for this procedure across Europe, you should not expect a Harley Street clinic. The accommodation was basic, but clean and food basic, but again was all that I needed. Most importantly, everything was professional, hygienic and sterile - which was hugely important to me! The Szeged team were friendly and helpful throughout my 3 day stay in Hungary. I had approximately 2700-3000 grafts implanted over 2 days worth of procedure. The 2 most important points to mention: I managed to get away without anyone at work (and even some at home!!) even noticing. I wore a soft cap as soon as I was able, which was about 4 days post procedure. Finally, and critically - the result is absolutely incredible! Qunomedical made the end to end process easy, from confirmation of schedule (to my specification) to travel guidelines and advice on payment methods. The only thought I am left with.....why didn't I do this sooner!

  • Global Medical Center Szeged
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