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Helios Klinikum Krefeld

Krefeld, Germany

About the clinic

Helios Krefeld-Dusseldorf is a tertiary care hospital with an international reputation for providing outstanding patient care and a comprehensive range of medical services. Helios Krefeld-Dusseldort has been a leader in patient safety procedures, first introducing mandatory detailed safety system checklists in 2009. Its administration and medical personnel are constantly striving to improve the quality of patient care, utilizing such procedures as medical peer reviews and monthly reviews of patient surveys.

Helios Krefeld-Dusseldorf underwent careful planning and a five-year construction period in order to become one of the most advanced hospital facilities in all of Germany. The quality of medicine, the use of the most advanced technological procedures, and attention to patient service are among this hospital's foremost priorities. Each of the medical departments and diagnostic areas of the hospital have been interlinked in order to provide each patient with the most successful treatment options.


Helios Krefeld-Dusseldorf is situated at Lutherplatz 40 in the city of Krefeld, Germany, northwest of Dusseldorf and just west of the Rhine River. The hospital provides a transportation service to accommodate its international patients.

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