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Makati Medical Center

Manila, Philippines

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The Makati Medical Center in Manila, Philippines, has been providing top quality care for over 45 years. Their depth of experience and highly regarded reputation make it an excellent option for anyone seeking affordable medical treatment abroad. Makati Medical Center is comprised of a highly professional and qualified staff who make very effort in providing their patients with the best care possible. They have created a warm and compassionate atmosphere that allows every patient to feel welcome and attended to every step of the way. Makati Medical Center has received accreditation from the Joint Commission International. This accreditation is a testament to their high quality of care that exceeds worldwide standards. Patient safety is of utmost importance to the staff at Makati Medical Center, and they continuously strive to upgrade levels of patient safety in the Philippines. They are also thoroughly committed to discovering new advances in medicine and therefore are continuously conducting research studies and seeking other ways to further educate themselves in their areas of expertise. Makati Medical Center is known throughout the country as one of the best places to receive treatment for both domestic and foreign patients.


Manila, Philippines, is a highly visited city and its people are extremely friendly and welcoming.

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Dr. Benjamin Herbosa, MD


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