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México Transgender Center

Tijuana, Mexico

About the clinic

Mexico Transgender Center is located within Green & Health Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.
Dr. Ivan Aguilar is a renowned gender reassignment surgeon and CEO and Founder of Mexico Transgender Center. Dr. Aguilar's specializations include urology surgery, neurology, pediatric and reconstructive surgery, and gender reassignment surgery.

Co-founder Dr. Carlos Mèndez, a board-certified plastic and aesthetic surgeon, joined hands with Dr. Aguilar. Together, they are able to offer a combination of skills to all GRS patients, ranging from reconstructive urology to delicate plastic aethetic reconstructive procedures.

Among the procedures offered by Mexico Transgender Center are facial feminization, GRS penile inversion and scrotal flap, cosmetic penile procedures, nullification, and additional aesthetic procedures.


Border city in Mexico, Tijuana has been a popular destination for US and Canadian patients looking for affordable yet high-quality medical procedures. When in Tijuana, there are several places worth a visit, including Tijuana Cultural Center, Avenida Revolucion and the famous Playa de Tijuana.

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