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Ocean Clinic

Madrid, Spain

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Ocean Clinic brings together the world’s leading specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery, dermatology and anti-ageing medicine. They offer their combined expertise and experience in unique interdisciplinary treatments.

The clinic is newly reconstructed and luxuriously equipped, paying tribute the style and elegance of its building. While consultations, minor surgeries under local anaesthesia, injectables and aesthetic medicine procedures are all offered onsite, procedures under sedation or full anaesthesia are performed in two nearby hospitals, assuring the highest standards in safety and technology.

Ocean Clinic Madrid is situated in the middle of the barrio Salamanca, Madrid’s famous shopping and promenading area, rich in culinary experiences and well connected to the rest of the city and the nearby international airport. The grand boulevard of Velazquez is also well known for being a centre of cosmetic surgery and beauty medicine providers.



Madrid: A city that effortlessly combines heritage and modernity. Visitors can discover the striking architecture and spend an afternoon in one of the many museums, before they sample the local cuisine or take a relaxing stroll through one of the city parks.

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Dr. Richard Fakin, MD


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Dr. Kai Kaye, MD



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