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Neck Lift

A neck lift is a common cosmetic procedure which aims to tighten the skin around your neck, remove unsightly wrinkles, and restore a youthful appearance. It is usually a surgical process, involving the removal of skin and fat.

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★★★★★Gael D., Germany:
“Qunomedical helped me so much! Thank you!“
★★★★★Gael D., Germany:
“Qunomedical helped me so much! Thank you!“



  • Anyone who is troubled by wrinkles around their neckline and wishes to combat the effects of ageing

  • People who have rapidly lost weight due to dieting, leaving folds of excess skin around their neck


  • Most patients will stay in hospital for observation, for a period of 1-3 days

  • After that, you will be free to return home. Pain and inflammation may be experienced around the incision sites, and this usually lasts for 1-2 week

  • The full results of neck lift procedures tend to be seen in 3-6 months


  • Full neck lifts generally take 3-4 hours. Partial procedures may take much less, around 1-2 hours

  • The whole procedure will require some form of anaesthetic, and a hospital stay of 1-3 days is usually needed post-procedure


Neck lifts are usually highly successful. The procedure has a low revision rate, with further surgery being required in just 1-5% of cases


  • As with all surgery, neck lifts come with the risk of adverse reactions to anaesthetic, inflammation, infection, and blood clotting

  • Numbness and tingling are also common reactions, and should subside quickly


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The cost of a neck lift differs depending on which country you're in, due to a number of factors particular to each. Below are the average starting prices for a few countries whose clinics offer neck lift procedures. Bear in mind that these are not fixed prices and can be affected by further variables according to the clinic you end up visiting.

Below are starting prices for a neck lift in different countries

CountryPrice (EUR)
Mexico€ 990
Hungary€ 1,130
Poland€ 1,910
Thailand€ 2,000
Turkey€ 2,100
Croatia€ 2,466
Indonesia€ 3,140
Spain€ 3,500
Mexico€ 4,170

How does it work?

What is a neck lift?

Neck lifts are cosmetic procedures which set out to remove wrinkles and fat deposits from the neck region thereby restoring smooth skin, a slender neckline, and a youthful appearance. The process requires surgery in all cases, but the nature of operations varies. Some neck lifts are partial - with far less invasive surgery. Others are "full" procedures, with extensive time in theatre, and the need for a general anaesthetic.

How does a neck lift work?

In a full neck lift, the process goes roughly as follows:

  • Firstly, you will need to attend a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. At this meeting, you can discuss your desired outcomes, whether you require a full or partial neck lift, and how to prepare for the operation. There may be a need for blood tests to ensure that you are a suitable candidate, and a special diet may be prescribed for the period prior to surgery.

  • When the date for surgery arrives, a hospital admission will be required. Patients are then administered a general anaesthetic, and the procedure begins.

  • The first step is to access the platysma muscle, which stretches around the neck. To achieve this, surgeons will make incisions behind the ears and underneath the chin. They can then manipulate this muscle, which tightens its fibres. This helps to remove bands or wrinkles from the neck.

  • Secondly, surgeons will usually remove excess fat from the neck region. This is achieved via standard liposuction techniques.

  • Finally, surgeons may elect to administer anti-wrinkle injections. These injections help to relax the platysma muscle, and may be given at a separate appointment.

  • After that, the surgical wounds will be closed and sutured, and patients will be discharged from hospital within 1-2 days.

Are there different types of neck lift?

The process described above is known as a full neck lift, but it is not the only procedure available to address excess fat or neck wrinkles. A partial or mini neck lift may also be advised. In this case, the process is much less invasive and time consuming, but it still involves some degree of surgery.

Surgeons will generally administer a local anaesthetic and make a submental (under the chin) incision. After that, they may manipulate the platysma although liposuction is often the central part of the process. The incisions are far smaller than with standard neck lifts, and there should be much less bruising or inflammation.

Typically, mini neck lifts will be suitable for younger patients with less developed bands or wrinkles. If you need to remove deeper wrinkles or larger fat deposits, a full neck lift will almost certainly be preferable.Alternatively, patients may choose non-surgical treatments which resemble neck lifts. For example, thread lifting may be suggested. In this case, fibres are threaded below the skin, "lifting" it into a firmer, younger-looking appearance.

What should I expect?

When undergoing a neck lift, your expectations should be realistic. No cosmetic procedure is infallible, and surgeons are not miracle workers. However, modern techniques and skilled practitioners can achieve remarkable results, restoring youthful skin texture and appearance.

During and after surgery, expect some discomfort and changes to your lifestyle. This is part of almost any cosmetic procedure. In the case of a neck lift, you may need to change your diet to incorporate foods that are easier to swallow. And it's always advisable to eat a healthy, nutrient-rich diet following surgery to ensure your body has what it needs to heal sufficiently.

Don't expect instant results, either. Neck lifts take time to settle in, as muscles and skin adapt to their new position and the absence of fat deposits. The final results won't be apparent for 3-6 months, so don't worry if radical changes are not yet apparent. Be patient and give the procedure time.

Neck Lift Reviews

Neck Lift Reviews

I would definitely recommend it.

I came in for a consult, we talked about what the doctor would recommend, I sent him pictures ahead of time. <br> He told me what he thought I needed and I told him what I thought I needed, and he didn’t think I needed some of the procedures I thought I did, and I thought that was pretty good because it eliminated some of the cost as well. <br><br> I was treated very well, all of the support staff is great, I stayed here for my recovery for five days and everyone was just so accommodating and the food was great, and I even lost weight while I was here, so hey, it was all good! <br> I had no pain whatsoever while I was here. After the surgery there was nothing, no pain, just the normal puffiness and redness, and really after about three weeks you couldn’t tell I’d had the surgery. <br> I’ve done really well, I haven’t had any complications, and everybody told me it would take up to 6 months for the swelling to go down, and it did. <br><br> Now after 6 months, what’s interesting is that I have a lot of people say, “you look so refreshed”, or “you look so rested”. <br> It’s not a big change but that I just look good, and so I’m quite pleased with that result, it doesn’t look like I’ve changed my look totally. <br> I’ve been to the dermatologist as well and I like the work that he has done for me, and very good prices, and of course the dentist here is fantastic and the prices are way lower than in America and done well, if not better. <br> I would definitely recommend it, in fact I have a girlfriend coming down in February to get dental work done.

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