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Penis Augmentation

Penis augmentation surgery (or simply, penile augmentation) is a cosmetic procedure designed to increase the length and girth of the penis; it is the only proven, permanent way of increasing the size of the penis. Peline augmentation is a type of phalloplasty surgery.

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  • Men with a smaller than average size penis.

  • Men who feel insecure and suffer from low self-esteem due to the size of their penis.

  • Patients who have suffered a decrease in the size of their penis due to medical conditions such as prostate cancer.

  • Men suffering from small penis anxiety and who have not been treated successfully via psychological methods.


Around 84% of men who have undertaken penile augmentation are satisfied with their results.


  • You will need to take a week to recover after surgery.

  • You should avoid exercise and any sexual activity for 4-6 weeks after your procedure.


1-2 hours, depending on whether you opt for an enlargement procedure, a lengthening procedure, or both.


  • Bleeding

  • Infection

  • Nerve damage

  • Asymmetry

  • Hematoma



The type of procedure you choose to undergo, that is, whether you want to increase the length or the girth, will affect the final cost of your surgery.

Prices also vary from country to country. The locations and costs you see below reflect average starting prices for a penis augmentation surgery (an enlargement procedure) across a few different countries. If you are interested in a penis lengthening, or combining it with a girth-increasing procedure, contact us anytime and we will help create the right treatment plan at the right clinic for you.

Below are starting prices for Penis Augmentation across different countries

CountryPrice (EUR)
Philippines€ 3,030
Turkey€ 5,000

How does it work?

What is penile augmentation?

Penile augmentation surgery is designed to increase the girth and length of your penis. Research suggests that many men suffer from penis size anxiety or are unsatisfied with the size of their penis, and penile augmentation is one of the only permanent and proven ways of increasing the penis size.

Penile augmentation addresses two areas of the penis size: girth and length. If you undergo treatment, you can expect to gain around 2-5 cm in length and an increase of about 30-50% in girth.

How does penile augmentation work?

Penile augmentation surgery is often performed in around one to two hours. The total time depends on the exact procedure you choose as there are varying techniques that can be used depending on whether the patient wants to increase the length or girth of the penis. Here is a step-by-step guide detailing the procure.

Penile lengthening procedure

1. The surgeon will make a small incision at the base of your penis. 2. The ligament from which your penis suspends is cut, causing the penis to drop and lengthen by about 2-5 cm. 3. At this point, the surgeon will reattach the ligament in a lower position. 4. A section of skin is taken from the pubic area to cover the new, longer extension. 5. The incision is closed with dissolvable sutures.

Penile enlargement procedure

1. A liposuction procedure is first performed in order to harvest fat from the body. This is usually taken from the thighs or the abdomen. 2. The fat is injected into the penis, increasing girth by an average of 30-40%.

Are there different types of penile augmentation?

The main type of penile augmentation surgery is called a penoplasty procedure. This procedure can be divided into two different processes. One process lengthens the penis, while the other increases the girth. Depending on the outcome you desire, you can opt for either treatment, or you can choose to undergo both procedures together.

The penile lengthening procedure involves cutting the ligaments that attach the penis to the body, in order to allow the penis to drop further away from the body and increasing its length. The penile enlargement procedure uses a fat transfer technique in order to increase the girth of the penis. Both can be performed independently, or at the same time to create a more harmonious and noticeable finish.

What should I expect?

Discuss your options extensively with your surgeon before electing for surgery. Make sure you make a fully informed decision and ensure your surgeon is completely aware of your expectations before undertaking the procedure. Because of the psychological effects of such surgery, some surgeons may require you to undertake some counselling before deciding whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

If you decide to go ahead with penile augmentation surgery, you can expect to experience some pain and discomfort in the days following the procedure. This can be treated with over-the-counter or prescribed pain relief medication. You can also expect bruising, swelling and numbing of the area, but this should subside a couple of weeks after your surgery.

You will need to take around a week to rest and recover after penile augmentation surgery. Exercise and sexual activity should be avoided for around 4-6 weeks after the procedure, and you may find some loss in penis sensation and pain with erections for the first few weeks. It is also important to note that penile lengthening will only affect the state of a flaccid penis. When erect, it will remain the same size, although it might angle slightly lower than prior to your procedure.

Penile enlargement, on the other hand, will affect both the flaccid and erect state of your penis. Penile enlargement surgery does carry a risk of reabsorption of the fat by the body. Around 30% of the added mass can be absorbed by your system. In this case, a repeat top-up procedure may need to be carried out after six months.


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