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Why Choose Thailand for Female to Male Surgery?

Undergoing sex reassignment female to male surgery in Thailand is becoming increasingly popular. The country’s combination of renowned specialists, accredited clinics, and affordable treatment prices is attracting more and more UK patients to travel to Thailand for the procedure.

Thailand is becoming one of the top destinations for plastic and reconstructive surgery. When it comes to female to male (FTM) surgery in Thailand, the country is home to some of the world’s most reputable surgeons, as well as modern clinics and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Female to male SRS specialists in Thailand are some of the best-in-class. They boast impressive qualifications and have extensive experience in performing gender reassignment procedures at clinics across the country. Thailand’s medical facilities also match up to the high standards set in Europe and the US. Many clinics specialising in female to male SRS have received international recognition — such as JCI-accreditation — for their high standards of care. 

Travelling to undergo female to male surgery in Thailand can feel daunting, but it’s pretty straightforward. Flights from the UK take around 11-12 hours and have become a lot more affordable recently. British nationals don’t need a visa to enter Thailand, as long as your visit isn’t longer than 30 days. But, we recommend checking government advice on entry requirements — as well as the latest COVID-19 protocols — before booking your treatment.

Is it worth it?

Yes! Based on 500+ Patient Reviews

What is the cost?

Starting at €11,560 in Thailand

Is a visa needed?

A visa is only needed for visits longer than 30 days, but it's important to check the latest government guidance on this before travelling.

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