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Thanks again for your dedication, knowledge and compassion

I had an acute pain crisis early Friday morning and required a wheelchair at the airport as I could not walk. We flew for five hours and I no longer needed a wheelchair when we returned to Canada which never happens. I'm always worse after a long flight. We arrived home at at 2 am Saturday morning and both brent and I stayed up talking until 430 am. Usually we go to bed immediately after a long trip. I woke up 5 hours later, did groceries and then went camping with all my friends until Monday. Again, I'm usually bed ridden for at least two days after a long trip. I feel even better than the first treatment. I have no pain and was able to peal 6 apples to make an apple crisp for Brent. I couldn't grasp the knife before. I'm full of energy and sleeping like before I got sick. I've noticed a difference with brent too. When Brent returned from work on monday, the first thing I noticed was that eyes did not look tired. In fact, Brent has had to force himself to go to sleep because he was still awake after 9pm. Brent always falls asleep on his chair around 730pm. He hasn't complained of headaches or sore knees. I feel amazing. Thanks again for your dedication, knowledge and compassion. I'm thankful for honest clinics like yours. Cheers! Julie

Julie J.
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