Qunomedical Loyalty Reward Program

At Qunomedical, we believe our patient relationships are our biggest asset & competitive advantage. With this program, we would like to invite you to join us on our way of making high-quality and affordable healthcare accessible for everyone!

If you happen to know someone who is looking for medical help, needs a second opinion or maybe just started the process of gathering information for a potential treatment, send them our way. Qunomedical offers you the chance to receive a referral reward if the third person (“Candidate”) decides to book their medical treatment through us! The Candidate will also receive a reimbursement.

Here's how it works!

1. Eligibility (Who can participate)

Everyone - you do not have to be a former Qunomedical patient! Exceptions: Qunomedical employees, Qunomedical hospital partners and staff. Candidates that have already been in touch with Qunomedical, directly inquired, or already benefit from other Bonus programs.

2. How to refer a Candidate

If you happen to know someone, interested in booking a medical treatment with us, do the following:

a) Inform the candidate to reach out to us via: contact@qunomedical.com or call us at: +441466455033.

b) The candidate shall state the case and/or referral code and share the information with our patient care team.

c) The case will be reviewed, and you will receive an answer within 48 hours.

3. Program Guidelines

a) If the Candidate undergoes a treatment with one of Qunomedical’s partner clinics at: www.qunomedical.com, you and the candidate are eligible to receive the loyalty reward.

b) You and the Candidate will receive the payment within 14 days after the Candidate received treatment.

c) The payment reward structure is as follows: For each treatment which costs more than €1,500 you and the Candidate will receive €100 each.

d) The Candidate needs to confirm the referral and treatment to Qunomedical.

e) Qunomedical does not limit the number of referrals or payments.

f) Qunomedical must be the first point of contact for the Candidate - they must not have contacted Qunomedical or our partners before the referral.

For more information, please contact us at partnerships@qunomedical.com.