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Eamon’s Hair Transplant Journey - Part III: After Treatment

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Eamon underwent a hair transplant one month ago. Now it’s time to start checking the hair regrowth progress and patiently wait for new strong hair to grow.

Check how Eamon prepared for his hair transplant surgery abroad in the first part of his journey, and how the procedure went in the second part of his story!

Below you find his own words on how he is feeling one month after his hair transplant procedure.

“It seems like so long ago that I was in surgery with Dr. Borejsza in Poland, but it’s only been one month to the day since I had my transplant. The remaining hair from the donor area has grown back to where I would keep the length at.

The transplanted hair is really beginning to sprout up.

Image1_Eamon’s Hair Transplant Journey - Part III: After Treatment

This is what my head looks like today, one month after surgery:

I still have some redness on my scalp, but each day, the redness gets less and less. I now also have a lot of sensation on the top of my head back.

I’ve had a few of the implants fall out just like the surgeon predicted I would, but not too many. They look like small grains of dried rice with a little hair sticking out of one end. I’ve also had a lot of the itching go away as well. I wash my head everyday with the prescribed shampoo and also take the tablets and use the spray. The spray does sting slightly but only for a few seconds. It’s more of a cold sensation rather than an outright sting.

At this stage, I can offer you some advice.

If you are considering the surgery, buy yourself a v-shape pillow before you have it done. This is vitally important when you get back home. These are nursing pillows for mothers with new babies. They will support your neck and allow the head not to touch off anything for the few weeks after the operation. That said, I’m still using it and find it better than my ordinary pillow, so I think I shall be using it as a direct replacement.

I’m past the uncomfortable stage at this point and I am definitely glad I underwent the surgery.

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that I had the procedure, I am not one to shy away from it, because after all, unless you are going to hide away for six months, people will know, so I say embrace it! Tell everyone, because six months from now, when people see you with hair where before you were thinning or actually bald, they might draw the wrong conclusion.

I’ve been congratulated by so many people who found out I had the job done.

So, in my opinion, tell the world! In fact, I’m due to do a radio interview about the surgery in the coming weeks, so I will literally be telling the world, or at least a small part of it.

Thanks for checking in. More updates will come soon!”

Eamon Duffy

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