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Patient Story: Marco from Marketing gets Crowns


Ever since falling and breaking his front teeth as a child, Marco had been covering the damage with fillings - multiple, that is, since these would regularly break too. The last time he was at his dentist to get them fixed again, they ended up being the wrong colour and clashed with the rest of his teeth. Unable to correct this issue, he was simply told that he’d be needing a couple of crowns at some point anyway.

Granted, crowns would be the long-term solution for him, but that didn’t ease the problem he immediately faced with his latest fillings. Subsequently asking around at different clinics wasn’t easy though; with one front tooth dead and the other chipped, dentists responded with reluctance by fearing they wouldn’t be able to get a good result.

I smile a lot and have big front teeth so I felt insecure about it. And I also felt insecure when I started asking around for help at different cosmetic dentists.

But as our very own head of marketing, Marco was intrigued by the idea of going abroad for his dental needs. With four years at Qunomedical, he was already well aware that Turkey hosts some of the most dedicated and renowned clinics you can find - that’s four years of seeing great reviews of doctors who have been practising exemplary dentistry for even longer. However, he was hesitant because he thought travelling for two crowns was excessive.

I see the effort we put into helping patients find the right solution. But somehow I thought this was not for me because I “only” needed 2 crowns.

But these clinics don’t keep count; they are there to help restore your dental confidence according to your individual needs. So, Marco took off for Turkey not just to get the best possible results, but also because he wanted to be in the patients’ shoes and undertake the Qunomedical experience first-hand.

I wanted the best possible results, and I know these dentists are the best in their field - they spend all their time on this kind of work, in contrast with the dentists at home who do a whole range of things. This was also the perfect way to test for myself how good a job we are doing at Qunomedical.

Dental crowns act like caps that are carefully fitted onto damaged teeth - and not just chipped ones either; crowns can also support cracked, worn down, decayed or misshapen teeth. By mimicking the tooth’s full shape, they not only correct it cosmetically, but above all ease the discomfort it was causing. But an additional cosmetic bonus is that, depending on the material used, they can also be matched with the rest of your teeth’s colour - an apt perk in Marco’s case.

The experts handling the procedure displayed their skill in the results, which have given Marco the lasting, natural-looking front teeth that he’s wanted for a long time. Their efficiency alone was unparalleled, having a fast link to a lab where the back and forth is so quick that second opinions and necessary changes are all confirmed on the same day. Back in Germany, Marco would have waited weeks for his lab results.

The team in Turkey exceeded his expectations. They immediately welcomed him into an environment of professionalism, care and patience, delivering the whole experience within a sense of ease. As a patient you might only focus on the procedure itself, but there’s more to a trip to the clinic - especially abroad. That’s why we only work with those that emphasise the kind of patient care that Marco received.

My teeth turned out great; they look natural and better than ever before. I’m still getting compliments.

Then there were the benefits of the overall cost. Getting dental abroad is a solution for many people because it’s a lot more affordable. Whilst most patients can save between €5,000 to €15,000 on having more teeth seen to, Marco still managed to save over €1,000 for the couple he had done. At home he was looking at around €2,100 for two crowns, whitening and a mouthguard. But his Qunomedical package took him to specialists of equally high qualification to give him all of that, plus, a hotel booking and driver were included too - this for €840 instead! And since Turkey welcomes many international flyers, reasonable flight bookings even left Marco some budget to enjoy Turkish food, drinks and room service. The great thing about booking one of our packages is that the travel involved still has that holidaying element to it.

Aside from smiling with confidence again, Marco was now in the position to bring his experience back to the Qunomedical marketing team, which strives to be there for people looking for treatment and to inspire them with options they didn’t know they had. 

It was really great. I spoke to a lot of patients, got close to the staff at the clinic and came back extremely impressed and proud, but also with a list of things we can do better

There were a lot of fellow Quno patients staying at the hotel too. Apart from comforting one another through the painful phases as well as admiring each others’ results, Marco gained a lot of intimate insight into how various patients go through their journeys. From now on, he’s ready to share the memories of his trip with anyone looking to go abroad for their dental treatment.

I can now also speak from personal experience when I spread the word about Qunomedical. I’m happy to speak with anyone who has questions about what it’s like to travel for your treatment. Just ask your personal patient manager for me and I’d be happy to have a chat!

If the pain or confidence blow coming from your teeth is getting you down, crowns could be the perfect answer for you too. We’ve helped thousands achieve new smiles and we’d love for you to join them. Get in touch with us and we’ll get you to the experts that won’t cost you a fortune.


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