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The Top 4 Best Countries for Dental Care

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Thinking of traveling to get dental treatment abroad? Are you unsure of what destination might be a good option for you? We’ve got you covered. Getting the treatment you desire — and deserve — might not be an easy solution in your home country, probably due to high prices. In fact, many people globally refrain from undergoing a surgery or a treatment because of the costs involved, and dental treatments are no exception to this. In this article, we’ve aimed to inspire you with four of the best countries for dental care. We’ve included the most sought after cities that patients travel to, as well as details about some of the high-quality clinics and dentists that are on offer.

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Hungary — and more specifically its capital city, Budapest — is a very popular destination for patients seeking high-quality dental treatments. Whether you travel here for a consultation or an actual treatment, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to making the most of your medical travel. As the name suggests, Buda and Pest are part of the same, glorious city, separated by the Danube that runs through the capital. Each side boasts a unique atmosphere, historic background, and commercial development. You can find more information about the city and its sights in our Medical Travel Guide. Budapest is home to excellent, affordable dental clinics. Below, we’ve picked out a couple of suggestions.

MDental Clinic

Located in the heart of Budapest, MDental is an ISO-accredited clinic that was established in 2011. It offers a wide range of treatments, such as veneers, overdentures, and other restoration procedures. Patients traveling from abroad will be in safe hands thanks to the many perks that the clinic offers: airport pickups, free WiFi, and interpreter services, just to name a few.

Evergreen Dental

Evergreen Dental is a private clinic located in the bustling center of Budapest. Internationally accredited and highly reviewed, the clinic offers a wide variety of treatments. It also provides representatives in the UK, where the majority of their international patients travel from. Treatments on offer range from teeth whitening to dental implants, and everything in between, to ensure you get the highest quality of care.


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Poland is known as a very popular destination for patients traveling from its neighboring countries. This popularity has increased thanks to the accessibility of its high-quality dental care. This is especially true when it comes to the Polish city of Krakow. Legend has it that Krakow was founded on the defeat of a dragon, and its impressive architecture certainly conjures a surreal mythical atmosphere around every corner. With the wide range of dental clinics available in Krakow, it makes for the perfect destination where the combination of great quality and low cost is easy to find.


The dentists at INDEXMEDICA Dental Clinic use cutting-edge technology to perform their outstanding treatments. It’s striving to be one of the best dental clinics worldwide, equipped with dentists who take part in specialist training courses to make sure their service is the most advanced out there. Areas of expertise include cosmetic dentistry, teeth-whitening, and pediatric dentistry.


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Turkey’s medical tourism industry is significant, contributing around $4bn every year to the country’s economy. It’s third largest city, Izmir, is a prime spot for reputable dental care, and is bursting with history and breathtaking beaches on the Aegean Sea. Combine this with affordable dental care that does not compromise on quality, and Izmir is the perfect destination for any traveller looking to reclaim their smile!


DENTAGLOBAL is a modern clinic, equipped with the latest medical technologies. They offer routine dental treatments, as well as cosmetic ones, such as veneers, and restorative procedures like implants. DENTAGLOBAL strives to provide the highest quality of care for their patients. The clinic provides grand residential facilities and qualified dentists who are dedicated to their jobs, making it the ideal option, whatever your dental needs.


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Visited by thousands of tourists every year, Thailand is home to a unique combination of ancient, traditional culture, which meets modern, high-rise buildings. Besides magnificent temples and architecture, the capital city of Bangkok has tonnes to offer; exploring the city’s busy streets on foot is probably the best way to get to know it.

Smile Signature Bangkok

Smile Signature Bangkok has a wide range of services including implants, veneers, crowns, and teeth whitening. The ISO-accredited clinic is highly-experienced in dealing with international patients, with packages on offer that include services like hotel booking and translators. These are ideal for making sure that every patient is taken care of with the utmost attention.

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