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Dr. Mert Yuce - renowned dentist at Dentaglobal in Imzir, Turkey

Dr. Mert Yuce - renowned dentist at Dentaglobal in Imzir, Turkey

Veneers in Turkey

More and more people are having veneers done in Turkey every year. Of course, the costs for veneers are much lower than in many other countries, but the sheer expertise of many of the dentists found here also attracts western Europeans for dental treatment in the beautiful country that connects Europe and Asia.

Medical tourists find these advantages in Turkey when they get their veneers done there:

  • Lower cost of treatment

  • High level of expertise and experience

  • Attractive all-inclusive packages

  • Great experience with international patients

  • No waiting times

  • Easy communication with doctors in English or with the help of a translator

  • Vibrant cities and beautiful weather

  • Cheap flights and only about three hours away by plane

So, if you want to have veneers done in Turkey, you're in good company.

However, the medical tourism boom also attracts doctors with lower levels of qualification and unrenowned clinics, who hope to attract international patients into an unpleasant treatment experience.

At Qunomedical, we prevent unwitting patients from choosing inexperienced dentists by thoroughly vetting the partner clinics we work with. On the basis of patient feedback and our own strict criteria, all partners are continuously subjected to a quality and satisfaction check. We also follow up on every case if things have still not gone entirely smoothly.

You can therefore trust us to help you on the way to your dream smile – just take a look at our Trustpilot and Google reviews left by patients who did. On our comprehensive page on veneer treatment you can read all about the treatment methods, the materials used, the treatment steps and the different cost break-downs.

Interested in Veneers? Find the Right Specialist at a Fraction of the Cost

Qunomedical only lists dental clinics and dentists that have been thoroughly vetted with quality and affordability in mind. Contact us for your 100% free, non-binding assessment.

What distinguishes Turkish dentists?

In Turkey, there are many highly trained dentists who have lots of experience treating foreign patients. Since there is a lot of competition for private-paying patients in Turkey, there is substantial competition to see who can offer the best all-round service and the greatest patient satisfaction.

There are a few quality criteria that you can use to judge the qualifications of dentists. For example, proven membership of a dental association or society attests well to a professional’s skill. The command of another language and the number of treatments performed are also telling factors of a dentist’s knowledge.

We have developed a rating system, Qunoscore, which includes 20 factors on qualification, accreditation, patient reviews and value for money. You can see the individual scores for each doctor we work with.

Can I travel to Turkey alone for treatment?

As the application of veneers is only minimally invasive, you can combine your trip with a nice holiday. Of course, you are free to take a companion with you to Turkey too. At most hotels you can change the single room included in the package to a double at very little extra cost.

But even if you should travel alone, no matter if you are a man or a woman: we know that the well-being of our patients has absolute priority, and so do our partner clinics. That’s why you can be sure that upon landing, a personal driver will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to your hotel. And all transfers between the hotel and the clinic will also be taken care of.

Moreover, the hotels are often blocked by the clinics, so there is a high chance you will be in good company there among many other solo medical tourists. According to our patients, you can quickly make friends with others and go for meals or excursions together during your stay.

In which cities are the dental clinics located?

Our partner clinics are mainly located in Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya, which are popular destinations for holidays as they are. Visitors are offered a mix of eastern and western history and culture, where tourists are amazed by the unique architecture, colourful and lively markets and endless white sandy beaches.

Why book with Qunomedical?

At Qunomedical we have helped thousands of patients with their medical treatment abroad. We work with the most experienced dentists and state-of-the-art clinics that specialise in treating foreign patients.

We continuously check the quality of our partners' treatments and service using strict criteria (Qunoscore) and patient evaluations. You can be sure that your treatment will be carried out by highly trustworthy and very experienced doctors when you book with us.

By the way, booking with us won’t cost you extra – you simply pay the treatment price set by the clinic.

Is it worth it?

Yes! Based on 500+ Patient Reviews

What is the cost?

Exclusive packages starting at €1,800 in Turkey

Is a visa needed?

A visa is only needed for visits longer than 90 days, but it's important to check the latest government guidance on this before travelling.

Why Choose Qunomedical?

  • 100% free, non-binding assessment

  • Professionally vetted dentists and clinics

  • Qunomedical-exclusive packages including accommodation, airport pick-ups, and transfers

  • English-speaking staff


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How much do veneers cost in Turkey?

The cost of veneers in Turkey depends on the dentist and clinic you choose. Wherever you choose to go, one thing can be said with a high degree of certainty: the cost of veneers in Turkey is usually much cheaper than at home. The starting price for a veneer in Turkey is around €195; in the UK it can easily be over €800.

In addition, many dental clinics and dentists in Turkey offer convenient treatment packages for patients who need a larger quantity of veneers. The prices of these packages are often based on the cost of either eight or 16 veneers, and include both accommodation and airport transfers.

In order to give you a more detailed overview of the costs involved for dental treatment in Turkey, we have summarised them briefly for you in a table. If you would like more information, please take a look at our veneers cost guide.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
United Kingdom€6,500

Why is the cost of veneers generally lower in Turkey?

Due to the low prices, some people may be sceptical and wonder how it can be possible that the costs for veneers in Turkey are so much lower than at home. There are good reasons for this, which we can break down as follows:

  • Lower labour and living costs: in contrast to various other European countries, wages in Turkey are generally lower, which in turn influences their living costs. This means that treatments are not as cost-intensive, which is particularly helpful for foreign patients.

  • Plenty of medical staff: the market for veneers is large in Turkey, so there are a lot of well-trained doctors and assistants available. This naturally ensures plenty of treatment options, and clinics can choose from the best dentists.

  • Special veneers Turkey packages: many practices and clinics offer tailor-made packages to their international patients, which include accommodation and drivers in addition to the procedure itself. These bundled offers are often cheaper than booking everything separately for your veneers. Turkey package price ranges are therefore very favourable to patients from abroad.

How long does it take to get veneers done in Turkey?

You should allow five to seven days in Turkey for veneers. This includes the testing and fitting of the veneers with rest days where you can relax or take a trip into town.

Turkish market visit during veneer treatment

What can I do in Turkey if I stay for the whole procedure?

As a veneer patient in Turkey, you have the advantage of having 5-7 days while waiting for your final veneers to be produced. This provides ample time to explore and enjoy the vibrant attractions and experiences the country has to offer. You can immerse yourself in the rich Turkish culture by visiting historical sites, exploring museums, and indulging in traditional cuisine.

Take the opportunity to discover the beauty of Turkey through leisurely walks, shopping excursions, or relaxing at local cafes. Istanbul, for example, offers a dynamic blend of old-world charm and modern delights, including bustling markets and captivating landmarks. Additionally, you can enjoy spa treatments, wellness activities, or rejuvenating experiences to enhance your overall well-being.

Remember to take care of your oral hygiene during this time and follow any post-treatment instructions provided by your dentist. Make the most of your stay in Turkey by creating lasting memories while eagerly anticipating the final outcome of your veneer treatment.

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