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Medical Travel Guide - Budapest

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Szia (Hello)! We are heading this time to Budapest to find out the city's memorable sights and what are the most common treatments people travel to Hungary for.

Divided by Europe’s second longest river, the Danube, Budapest has more than 1.8 million inhabitants and is Hungary’s capital and largest city. Home to the second largest synagogue in the world, the Dohàny Street Synagogue, Budapest is a popular destination for anyone wanting to enjoy city sightseeing and excursions with a touch of relax.

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One city, two souls. The Danube river splits the city into the two main areas - Buda and Pest - each one distinctively characterized by their own flair and personality. Hilly Buda offers breathtaking panoramas and is known as the residential and wealth part of the city, while Pest is the commercial hub where many cafès, bars and restaurants populate its busy streets. The two cities were combined into one in 1873 to become the dual capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Along mighty Danube. Taking a boat ride is probably one of the best ways to discover Budapest by day - and also at night, when the city lights are pure magic. You can also walk along both sides of the river or admire the city panorama from one of the many bridges that link Buda and Pest, like Margaret Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge and Liberty Bridge. If you head southwest, you cannot miss Memento Park, a must-see open-air museum where monumental statues and busts evoke Hungary’s Communist period.

Thermal retreat. Budapest is one of Europe’s top destinations when it comes to thermal baths; with more than 120 thermal springs, you have plenty of choices to get your well-deserved relaxing retreat in the Hungarian capital. Besides being the largest in Europe, Széchenyi is without a doubt also one of the most popular thermal baths in Hungary.

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Health tips

There is no particular vaccination to recommend when traveling to Hungary, besides the boosters and vaccinations every traveller should keep updated according to his/her own medical needs; refer also to routine vaccination courses and boosters as advised by your health provider and country.

Budapest is mostly sought after for dental treatments and hair transplant surgery. You can rest assured that all the clinics you find on Qunomedical comply with our strict quality criteria to ensure you receive the highest quality treatment.

Dental Implants

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Dental treatments vary from teeth whitening and dentures to veneers, bridges and crowns. If you are unsure about what treatment to undergo, check out our dental implants page or request a free consultation.

MDental Clinic

Treating more than 6,000 international patients every year, MDental Clinic boasts highly experienced oral surgeons and doctors. To make sure your stay runs as worry-free as possible, the clinics offers translation services, airport pickup and hotel stay.

Interested in MDental Clinic? Visit our clinic’s page and get a free quote.

Oxygen Medical

As one of Hungary’s largest medical centers, Oxygen Medical offers patient- focused care and welcomes more than 17,000 international patients annually. As an ISO-accredited clinic, it was also appointed by the National Public Health and Medical Offices Service for its quality dental care.

Hair transplant

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All our partner clinics offer the most innovative hair transplant surgery techniques such as FUE (follicular unit extraction).

Getting around Budapest

Walking in the city center and the historic districts is probably the best way to get around; many streets are reserved for pedestrian-only use, which makes visiting Budapest’s city center on foot very enjoyable.

Budapest’s public transport system includes streetcars, trolley buses (available in Pest only), 3 subway lines and an efficient suburban railway system (HÉV trains); from May to September you can also enjoy the view of the city from the Danube by taking a riverboat.

Our clinics are conveniently located near the city center and easily connected via either bus or metro.

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