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What is Restorative Dentistry?


Restorative dentistry replaces teeth that have sustained damage, decay or misalignment, causing the person pain or discomfort, as well as feelings of displeasure regarding the way the affected teeth look. Multiple dental disciplines are encompassed by restorative dentistry, as it deals with the tooth in a very comprehensive way. For most restorative procedures, a dental laboratory is required to craft the custom-made prosthetic parts needed to mimic the patient’s original teeth.

For a lot of people, it’s the best course of action: having your teeth restored for more comfort and confidence. There are many possible solutions; each patient’s case is different and will need assessment from a professional to ensure the right treatment is chosen. Common methods of teeth restoration include:


Getting a tooth filling is a very standard procedure, which every dentist offers to restore teeth that  have been damaged by decay. Various materials can be used to fill in the cavity once the decaying tissue has been removed.


Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that the dentist applies onto an affected tooth, which must firstly be shaved down on all sides so that the crown can fit precisely into place. They are custom-made according to the shape and colour required to blend in with the rest of the patient’s teeth.


A Dental bridge is used to cover a gap caused by one or more missing teeth. A prosthetic component attaches onto the teeth either side of the gap, bridging it with false ones.


Dental implants are for those who need one or more teeth replaced. The implant is surgically screwed into the jawbone, where it stays firmly in place. A crown is then capped on top of it to replicate a real tooth.

Finding the Right Dentist for Your Restorative Dentistry

Although having your teeth restored could be the major relief you’re after, committing to the procedure can still end up being a delayed step. Seeing a professional for restorative dentistry in your home country will likely make a big dent in your finances, plus, it’s not easy knowing which practice you’d like to choose anyway.

That’s why it makes a lot of sense to cast a wider net and consider getting dental treatment abroad. Plenty of highly qualified and experienced dentists offering restorative procedures at a fraction of the cost are based in countries like Turkey, Hungary and Croatia.

For example, Dr. Ali Riza Altun has performed over 20,000 dental procedures in his time; he is offering his expertise in restorative dentistry at ALLDENT clinic in Antalya. Likewise, Dr. Andrea Kértesz brings 22 years’ experience to her dental work at MDental in Budapest, and Dr. Dario Repic is an implant specialist with a choice of packages at his boutique clinic on the Croatian coast. All of these clinics draw in a stream of international patients because their lasting quality at lower costs has earned them global reputations.

Qunomedical: Experts in Suiting Patients with Professionals

We’ve seen so many patients come back from a trip abroad gleaming with confidence from their new smiles, after we helped them find the clinic that best suited them. We only work with dentists that have passed our thorough Qunoscore screening process, so patients know they’re getting affordable quality from someone they can trust. We’d be happy to get your own teeth restoration journey going; reach out and tell us what you’re looking for, so we can get you to the expert you deserve.


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