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What Is the Role Of a Dental Lab?


Crowns, veneers, bridges and implants are examples of popular restorative dental treatments. Whilst the dentist is responsible for implementing them, support from a dental laboratory is needed following the initial examination. This is because the lab is responsible for constructing these teeth-replicating components, making each according to the custom specifications laid out by the dentist. Each patient is different, so criteria like shape, size, colour and material are made to exactly match their individual needs.

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How does a lab work?

The process of making prosthetics in a lab is carried out by qualified lab technicians, who work case by case. Whilst a lot of skill and precision is still required on their part, these days technology lends a great hand in the accuracy of sculpting custom dental prosthetics. Oral scanners that give a 3D snapshot of the patient's mouth, as well as 3D printing in the lab are some examples of what is possible within restorative dentistry today.

Do clinics have their own labs?

Most dental clinics don’t have their own laboratory. Instead, they maintain partnerships with external ones. This does not affect the quality of their results, but can affect the overall time needed to complete the procedure, with many patients having to wait for weeks until their dentist receives their order from the lab. It’s therefore hugely advantageous for a dental clinic to have their own, in-house laboratory. Details can be passed on immediately and the relationship between the dentist and the lab technician is closely fostered under one roof. This greatly reduces the total time needed for restorative procedures and improves overall efficiency.

We work with Dentgroup and Dent Glow - two highly modern dental clinics in Turkey specialising in restorative dentistry. Having invested in their premises to create trendy layouts that utilise the latest equipment, they have also incorporated their own dental labs into their practices, employing their own technicians. Both clinics frequently treat international patients, so the presence of their own lab is an essential plus that lets them complete procedures within the timeframe of the visiting patient’s stay.

However, a lot of clinics will make up for not having their own lab by keeping a very close line with the external lab. This allows them to provide the same advantages, with prosthetic components built and delivered within a short timeframe. We work with various other clinics abroad that incorporate this into their services, meaning patients will also get their restorations done all within a few days.

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