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Fox Eye Surgery - What You Should Know About the Fox Eye Lift


The medical term is ‘canthoplasty’, but this plastic surgery procedure is much better known by the name under which it has trended: ‘fox eye surgery’. Its aim is to alter the eyes to give them a more almond-shaped look by lifting them at the sides towards the temples. Whilst some plastic surgery can entail practical benefits, getting fox eye surgery is done only for aesthetic reasons. Indeed, celebrities and social media are largely responsible for popularising fox eyes.

What Does Fox Eye Surgery Involve?

Creating fox eyes uses the minimally invasive thread lift technique, where a thin barbed thread is positioned under the skin to perk it up, altering the outer look of that part of the face. This requires local anaesthetic and some small incisions to be made. The use of the threads here is specifically targeted just to raise the sides of the eyes. The procedure doesn’t take long; you could be finished already within 30 minutes.

Just as general thread lifts come under the facelift category, fox eye surgery belongs to the eye lift discipline, likewise as the less invasive thread-using option. But whilst a traditional eye lift (blepharoplasty) aims to reduce sagging and signs of ageing, the aim of creating fox eyes is to alter the shape itself. Some surgeons will perform both at the same time in order to combine these effects.

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How Long Do the Results of Fox Eye Surgery Last?

The threads used don’t come out again; they’re made to dissolve under skin, leaving your results to eventually dissipate too. In other words, when the framework stops actively holding the skin up, it will revert back to its natural course of drooping.

The consensus amongst doctors is that the more invasive surgical counterparts to fox eye surgery have far longer-lasting results, whereas opinion on how long the latter lasts spans from mere weeks to no longer than three years. Opinion varies from doctor to doctor, as does their skill and qualification, which is the most important thing to consider when wanting fox eyes.

Risks and Safety

The time and process of recovery is known to be very varied, with some patients needing a number of weeks to feel back to normal. Though social media has largely driven the fox eye surgery trend, it has also spread a decent amount of worry and warning regarding the procedure. Some patients have circulated concern about prolonged pain and failed results.

But as with all cosmetic procedures, it comes down to the professional whom you place your faith in. Crazes can draw you in and cases of famous success stories can certainly have an inspiring effect, but it’s always important not to rush your choice. Don’t settle for anything less than a trustworthy and experienced doctor in a highly rated clinic, and make sure consultation and research sustains your commitment.

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