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View above the city of London, UK.

View above the city of London, UK.

Getting Veneers in London

It’s hard to look past London when you’re planning to get veneers. The UK capital is home to some of the most reputable dental clinics and renowned aesthetic dentists in the country.

While travelling abroad for dental treatment is becoming more popular, there are still great options to be found at home. Getting veneers in London is one of the most popular choices for those looking to revamp their smile, thanks to its combination of experienced dentists, modern dental clinics, and competitive treatment prices.

London’s dentists are some of the best in Europe. They’re experts in cosmetic dentistry, with extensive experience at clinics across the country. Many of the city’s dentists are registered with the independent General Dental Council (GDC), highlighting the high standards of care they provide. Dentists in London operate out of modern dental clinics that are well versed in caring for patients from around the UK.

Wherever you’re based in the UK, travelling to get veneers in London is easy. The city has plenty of straightforward and affordable transport links that connect it to all corners of the UK. What’s more, Qunomedical will assist you in arranging your travel, as well as helping you to book accommodation in London if necessary.

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Packages starting at £5,600 in London

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Veneers in London: Organising Your Treatment

If you’re planning to get veneers in the UK, it’s hard to look past London as a top choice for treatment. The city’s state-of-the-art dental clinics and selection of best-in-class dentists have made it a popular choice for patients from the UK and abroad.

For those looking for the best veneers in London though, the price of the treatment is an important point to consider before booking. While they may not be as cheap as in places like Izmir or Budapest, veneer costs in London have become more affordable in recent years. Below, we’ve laid out the starting price for an eight veneer package in London, compared to other European countries. But, these prices are not fixed or guaranteed and may vary from patient to patient.

CountryPrice (GBP £)
United Kingdom£5,600

Within London, the price of veneers can vary depending on the specific clinic and dentist that you choose for your treatment. But, there are also a few other important factors that can affect cost.

  • Type of veneer: While getting composite veneers in London might involve a cheaper cost initially, they will likely need to be replaced after around 5-10 years. Choosing to get porcelain veneers in London can save you money in the long run though, as — although the initial cost might be higher — they should last longer and provide a more natural-looking appearance.

  • Package options for multiple veneers: Many dental clinics in London offer eight or 16 veneer treatment packages that can provide a more cost-effective option for those who are looking for a complete revamp of their smile.

  • Accredited clinics: Although finding cheap veneers in London might feel like the top priority, it’s important to choose a clinic that has a good reputation within the field. Clinics that are registered with the Quality Care Commission (CQC), for example, are usually good options for those looking for high-quality, affordable treatment.

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