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Dr. Corzo Clinic at Victoria Medical Cancun

Cancun, Mexico

About the clinic

Dr. Herctor Corzo is a specialist in weight loss and bariatric surgical procedures. Dr. Corzo is on staff at two Mexican clinics, in Cancun and Tijuana, and has performed nearly 10,000 surgical procedures in his 20 years of experience. Dr. Corzo is one of the top surgeons in his field and a pioneer in laparoscopic bariatric surgery. Dr. Corzo is a member of several highly respected medical organizations including the Latin American Federation of Surgery, the International Federation of Surgery for Obesity, and the Mexican Society of General Surgery. Surgical procedures in Cancun are done at the Victoria Medical Center, one of the top medical centers in Cancun, that uses state-of-the-art technology, and has a highly trained, compassionate staff. The facility is equipped with an emergency room and intensive care unit. International patients are welcome to schedule an appointment.


Cancun is a world-class tourist destination in the Caribbean. The city is north of the Mayan Riviera. While in Cancun for a surgical procedure, be sure to visit the Mayan archaeological sites. Several tours are available, including the Light and Sound Show at Chichen Itza. The central market which is similar to an outlet mall in the US is on the mainland with a pedestrian walkway, so you can leisurely browse the shops and avoid traffic.

Ave. Sunyaxchen No. 59 S.M 25 Cancun Q.Roo, , Cancun, Mexico

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