Dr. Eda Tinas

Dr. Eda Tinas, DDS

Dr. Cinik Dental Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey


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About Dr. Eda Tinas

Dr. Eda Tinas is a dentist at Dr. Cinik Dental in Istanbul. She has experience working in a number of clinics including a hospital facility, and can carry out various procedures including crowns, veneers, implants and root canal treatments.

Since graduating in dentistry in 2021, Dr. Tinas has since furthered her knowledge by attending multiple courses and conferences. She is also a member of the Turkish Dental Association and the Istanbul Chamber of Dentists, which lets her keep advancing her skills. As an English-speaker, she is also able to extend these to international patients.

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Very good


Dr. Eda Tinas, DDS has achieved 26 out of 35 points and is awarded with a Qunoscore of 7.5, Very good.

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Dikilitaş, Ayazmaderesi Cad. No:4 Besiktas, Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey

Taking their extensive experience in health tourism, Dr. Cinik Dental Clinic is a part of the doctor's famous hair hospital premises, the dental branch having opened in 2021. Here, patients from around the world are being offered an entire range of dental treatments, including crowns, veneers, implants, all-on-4 systems, bridges and whitening. The clinic keeps transparency, ethics and patient well-being at the core of its operations, letting them achieve the 98% satisfaction rate that they currently hold.

A team of highly qualified specialists provides excellent care in this modern facility, where the newest equipment like digital impressioning and laser dentistry are used to administer precise, personalised treatment whose results are long-lasting. The combined staff at Dr. Cinik Dental cover multiple different languages, and to ensure everyone is fully accommodated, can also provide translators for patients' visits.

  • Cutting-edge technology used
  • Highly experienced in caring for international patients
  • Modern hospital facility