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Complete Abdominoplasty

An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a cosmetic procedure that can remove scars, excess skin, fat and stretch marks from the abdomen. The treatment also involves tightening the abdominal muscles for improved definition.

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★★★★★Gael D., Germany:
“Qunomedical helped me so much! Thank you!“
★★★★★Gael D., Germany:
“Qunomedical helped me so much! Thank you!“



An abdominoplasty is for people who are conscious about excess fat, skin, scars or a lack of definition around the tummy.


The success rate of the abdominoplasty is extremely high. However, occasionally patients aren't happy with the results, and feel they need a further operation


Patients usually require two days in hospital immediately after the procedure. Most people are fully recovered from their abdominoplasty within six weeks.


2 to 5 hours in surgery


  • Difficulty standing straight

  • Pain

  • Bruising

  • Numbness around the tummy

  • Swelling and scarring

  • Tummy cramps

  • Buildup of fluid

  • Bulges under the skin


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Price Calculation

The cost of an abdominoplasty depends on what type of procedure you choose, where you are receiving treatment, and your personal needs. Below are starting prices for a tummy tuck across a few different countries. Please note these are average figures and that various additional factors could affect the overall price of your procedure. Get in touch with us for more information.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
United Kingdom€7,000
United States€8,400

How does an abdominoplasty work?

A classic abdominoplasty begins with an incision from hip to hip - just above the pubic area. In the case of a full tummy tuck, a second incision is made around the belly button in order to move it later.

Skin is gradually separated from the abdominal wall, and the abdominal muscles are carefully realigned - stretching them for increased definition. The excess far and skin and completely removed, and a new hole is cut for the belly button before being stitched permanently into place. The remaining skin is then pulled together tightly and stitched.

In most cases, the patient is left with a circular scar around the umbilicus. There is also a longer scar left on the lower abdomen after the abdominoplasty.

What are the different types of abdominoplasty?

Full Abdominoplasty

A full abdominoplasty is recommended to patients with excessive skin or fat around the lower abdomen. As this is complex surgery, a general anaesthetic is usually administered to keep the patient still and as comfortable as possible.

The procedure requires a horizontal incision in the area between the navel and the pubic hairline. The length and shape of this incision very much depends on the nature of the problem. The abdominal skin is lifted, and work begins on strengthening the weakened abdominal muscles.

A second incision is then made - if the surgeon deems it necessary - to remove excess skin in the upper abdomen, and to re-site the navel. In crude terms, the surgeon pulls the skin on the upper abdomen down like a roller blind. This brings together the two halves of the abdomen.

Excess skin is taken away before both areas are stitched together, leaving the new abdominal surface flatter and tighter. At this stage, a new opening is fashioned for the belly button before being sutured into place.

Sutures, special adhesives, clips and tapes are used to close the large incisions created during the procedure.

Miniature Abdominoplasty

Where a patient requires only a small amount of fat and skin to be removed, the surgeon is likely to recommend a miniature abdominoplasty. This is a shorter procedure that doesn’t leave as much scarring. However, in most cases patients are still given a general anaesthetic.

A miniature abdominoplasty involves the excision of a section of skin and fat from the lower abdomen. This version of the procedure leaves no scar around the umbilicus, but it does sometimes involve tightening of the abdominal muscles.

Extended Abdominoplasty

An extended abdominoplasty involves a more comprehensive removal of fat and skin. Rather than limiting the procedure to the abdomen, the surgeon removes skin and fat from the sides of the patient. The procedure often involves tightening of the muscles and skin just above the hips — usually to remove “love handles”.

The excision required for an extended abdominoplasty runs the entire length of the abdomen and reaches as far as the back of the hips. In some cases, liposuction will be used to improve the contours of the abdomen and hips.

Belt lipectomy (circumferential abdominoplasty)

A belt lipectomy — sometimes referred to as a truncal body lift — involves the removal of excess fat and skin around the entire “belt line” of the patient. As well as tightening the area and adding definition, this abdominoplasty procedure removes loose skin around the buttocks too. Depending on the wishes of the patient, the fat taken from this area is used to augment the buttocks — lifting them and adding shape.

This surgery requires the patient to be lying belly down in the prone position at first. Once surgery on the lower back and buttocks is complete, the patient is turned around so the abdominoplasty can begin.

What should I expect after abdominoplasty surgery?

The patient must rest and remain as still as possible for 48 hours after their abdominoplasty surgery. A special type of medical corset is fitted to the patient’s abdomen to protect the stitches and encourage the skin to heal. There is usually significant swelling at first, but this subsides relatively quickly.

Most patients are allowed to return home after 48 hours in hospital with no complications. However, remaining reasonably still and relaxed is still important. Doctors usually advise patients to keep their knees bent when lying down — at least until the stitches have been removed after around two weeks. At this stage, most patients will attend an outpatient appointment to have their wound checked.

People considering an abdominoplasty need to be prepared to take a significant amount of time off work. The average recovery time is six weeks, but it can be longer than that if complications occur.

Abdominoplasty is surgery, so it carries a degree of risk. However, as long as you choose a reputable, fully-licensed surgical team, the chances of a successful abdominoplasty are very high.

Abdominoplasty Reviews

Abdominoplasty Reviews

'nothing but the best from start to finish'

This is my second time using them and they give you nothing but the best from start to finish

Olufunke Agboola
Using Qunomedical was so simple

Using Qunomedical was so simple. Everything went as planned and I felt comfortable with every step. If I were to consider having any more surgery I would definitely use this company again.

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I am so happy with my decision as the whole journey was smooth and everyone involved treated me so well. I waited 6 months to write a review just to make sure I had seen the full outcome and I am sooo happy.

I just wanted to take the time to share my journey at GOP Hospital. If it helps one person make up there mind then I will be happy. After making up my mind about my treatment I did a lot of research and finally decided on GOP. I am so happy with my decision as the whole journey was smooth and everyone involved treated me so well. I waited 6 months to write a review just to make sure I had seen the full outcome and I am sooo happy. İt would have been even better If a lot more people spoke english but I had all the support and a team of interperters on hand to help when needed. My hotel was just a delight and I felt like I was on a holiday at a 5 star hotel. Thank you Dr Anı

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They are true masters and I can honestly say that I myself did not even expect to be this pleased with the results - and I am not even at the end of my journey but rather just beginning to see what it will be like once I’m fully recovered.


I want to thank everyone on the team for their service and support during my stay in Istanbul for a so called tummy tuck surgery in February 2020.
The hotel they selected was perfect in every way - especially its closeness to the hospital. The driver was very polite, helpful, and always on time. Funda hanım was always available to me and assisted in every way possible. Right away you get a feeling of being in good hands.
The surgical team Dr Anı is far more than capable. They are true masters and I can honestly say that I myself did not even expect to be this pleased with the results - and I am not even at the end of my journey but rather just beginning to see what it will be like once I’m fully recovered.
They also consulted with me afterwards and will continue to do so which shows that they really do care about their patients. All in all it was the right decision to choose this path and I can only urge future patients to do so as well!

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