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Sanitas Hospital CIMA

Barcelona, Spain

About the clinic

Located in Barcelona, Spain, Sanitas Hospital CIMA is internationally recognized for its high quality of patient care. This hospital has received a Global Excellence Award from EFQM European Excellence 2017, as well as several other awards and certifications.

Sanitas Hospital CIMA offers advanced medical technology to its patients, including assisted reproduction, ocular technology and prosthetic hearing. This hospital's Assisted Reproduction Unit employs a team of global leaders in reproductive technology, excelling in the areas of in vitro fertilization and genetic studies.

Sanitas Hospital offers additional services to make its patients comfortable, such as a restaurant, a beauty salon, and religious services.



Barcelona, Spain is a beautiful city boasting amazing architectural buildings, such as the La Sagrada Familia Basilica, a large castle that has been under construction for over 200 years. Another stunning piece of architecture is the Palau de la Musica Catalana. International patients of Sanitas should make sure to enjoy the beauty of this city during their stay.

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Dr. Oscar Junco, MD



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