Fat Freezing - What Results to Expect Through Coolsculpting

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The Coolsculpting procedure is an innovative fat freezing method - known medically as 'cryolipolysis' - that cools and then crystallises fat cells, prompting the body to naturally metabolise them, thereby reducing one’s fat.

This reduction of fat is a slow process however, with the results fully showing themselves only a few months later.

One of the great things about it is that it isn’t an invasive procedure: no surgery, anaesthesia or uncomfortable recovery times are needed when you go for a Coolsculpting session (written by some clinics as 'Cool Sculpting'). Instead, the fat freezing device sits with suction on the targeted area and is able to bypass the skin without damaging it, focusing on the fat underneath whilst you sit and wait comfortably. Up to a quarter of the fat cells can be removed from the targeted area through Coolsculpting. It is often done in two sessions, where a single session can last one to three hours long.

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Your Body Right After Cryolipolysis

There won't be any immediate effects visible immediately after the procedure, since your body will first need to start the gradual process of breaking down and expelling the dead fat cells.

It’s worth noting that Coolsculpting is not a weight loss procedure. Indeed, people with obesity are not eligible, because this fat freezing treatment is meant for stubborn pockets of fat that efforts in exercise and diet have not been able to eliminate. Of course, maintaining the reduction then depends on actively monitoring your weight.

So really, the only immediate effect is the lack of any inconveniences once your cryolipolysis session is over. Just resume normal life again and let your body’s natural reactions do the rest. But remember, you will need to keep up a healthy lifetyle to avoid erasing the results. Keep an eye on your calorie intake and exercise to avoid building up fat, which could occur on the treated areas again.

Results of Fat Freezing - Coolsculpting Before and After

It takes time for your body to get rid of the dead fat cells, which is why fat freezing is effective but ultimately needs patience. Usually, it takes three to six months for the results to fully materialise, but the first differences may start to gradually show as early as three weeks later. Eventually, you may see these in the form of looking trimmer, more toned or flatter than before. In any case, the range is 10% - 25% less fat in the targeted area.

Because fat freezing kills off your fat cells and these are then excreted, your Coolsculpting results are permanent. But as stated, it then comes down to how you maintain your results.

Coolsculpting Not for You? Alternative to Fat Freezing

Though comparable only in the sense that it also targets fat, liposuction is something that patients could consider if they want a more thorough solution - something surgical. Whilst anaesthesia and needles are involved, the results are quicker, with one to two months being the norm. You can also expect a more extensive and complete reduction of fat through liposuction.

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