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The Best Countries for Liposuction

What Are the Best Countries for Liposuction?

Finding the best country for liposuction depends on various factors to do with what you’re looking for. So what someone deems the best liposuction destination is always going to be an individual perception that correlates with each patient’s personal needs. However, it’s always a good first step to assess what the best countries for fat removal surgery are, since getting liposuction abroad is a great opportunity to save a lot on a high-quality procedure.

What Is Liposuction Surgery?

Undergoing liposuction allows you to eliminate unwanted deposits of fat that are otherwise difficult to lose through diet and exercise. It’s a highly popular aesthetic procedure that can be carried out on most areas of the body, helping people to attain their desired figures. It should be noted that liposuction will not get rid of cellulite or stretch marks, nor is it a treatment for obesity.

It involves penetrating the tissue into the targeted area and sucking the fat cells directly out.  This can last two to three hours and in most cases does not require general anaesthesia. The results are also permanent so long as the patient maintains their weight. Note that there are numerous different techniques that can be used, one of which will apply best to your own needs. Some of the most common are:

Tumescent liposuction is the best liposuction technique for many people and is therefore the most popular. It involves firstly injecting saline solution, local anaesthetic and a solution to constrict the vessels; this makes extracting the fat cells a lot easier, whilst diminishing pain and bleeding.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction uses an instrument that breaks down the fat using ultrasound, making its extraction much easier. Building on this is the VASER-assisted technique, which improves the outcome of the skin’s texture over the targeted area.

Laser-assisted liposuction introduces the energy and heat of laser technology, which essentially liquifies the fat for easy extraction. As with the other techniques, this one also uses a needle-like rod to penetrate past the outer tissue in order to directly target the fat layer.

Water-jet assisted liposuction applies saline solution with enough pressure to dislodge the fat cells, which can then be immediately removed.

Power-assisted liposuction can target tougher pockets of fat with a device that goes back and forth to create vibrations and allow for accurate targeting.

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Why Get Liposuction Abroad?

Like many procedures that have become popular through medical tourism, liposuction is definitely worth getting abroad too. As long as you find a reputable clinic whose surgeons are experienced, you can bypass the extortionate costs that you find at home but still enjoy a high-quality procedure. You also get the benefit of enjoying a break in another country, which can often entail a relaxing experience or absorbing some new culture.

Many patients who get liposuction overseas attest to the amazing value you can find despite the medical standards being just as high and equipment just as advanced as at home. However, at locations where the prices are a little costlier, you are still usually guaranteed excellent quality and results. Like the procedure itself, where you get it should follow reflection on what best suits your needs. Following such criteria, we have laid out some of the best countries for liposuction surgery below.


Save money by getting liposuction in Poland

Known for its mediaeval history and charming old towns, Poland is also home to a highly developed medical infrastructure that receives numerous international patients all the time. With experienced plastic surgeons, many make the trip specifically for liposuction. Poland is able to offer the safety and reliability of modern medicine but at a far lower price, which is why it remains so enticing for medical travellers looking for the best liposuction options.


  • Sophisticated medical facilities are available for a much lower cost.

  • Visit an interesting country with plenty to see.


  • Poland can experience very cold winters, which may be too much for some.

  • Ensure you're going to a well-reviewed, trusted professional. Qunomedical guarantees this with vetted partner clinics.

Czech Republic

Find the best liposuction specialist for you in the Czech Republic

Also a dependable option for getting liposuction abroad is the Czech Republic, where patients are also able to access sophisticated medical facilities for a lot less than in many other countries. Though it often slips under the radar, the Czech medical system is certainly world-class, and is geared up to receiving patients from abroad who are looking for the best place for liposuction that maintains exceptional value. It’s easy to find a Czech doctor with exceeding experience, since the standard of qualification is so high and because their facilities are outfitted with the most cutting-edge technology.


  • All Czech facilities are raised to the most modern levels of operation and are outfitted with the newest equipment. Though no different to other countries with exemplary medical infrastructure, you pay far less here.

  • A lot of Czech professionals belong to relevant medical societies – some of which are international – to stay in line with the latest innovations.

  • When getting high-quality liposuction, vacation in a beautiful and historical country too.


  • The Czech language is hard to get to grips with. We'll get you to an English-speaking clinic to make sure you can communicate well with your surgeon.


Find some of the best liposuction doctors in Turkey

A well known destination for a number of things: rich cultural heritage, fascinating history and varied natural landscapes – but medical tourism too; Turkey often ranks as the destination for the best liposuction in the world. Indeed, with such a thriving scene of international patients, the system has been heavily invested in and generously developed, hosting some of the most advanced facilities that global patients can access. This also makes their prices tightly competitive, allowing people to find the best liposuction costs for the highest quality procedure.

Turkish doctors are trained to the highest standards in modern medicine. The norm is also to gather diverse experience by working in multiple facilities, undertaking residencies abroad, belonging to different medical associations or getting involved in academics. Therefore, finding the best liposuction specialist in Turkey is something many patients can attest to, coming home with excellent results.


  • You get exceptional healthcare where all the latest technology is employed.

  • It's commonplace for Turkish doctors to further their expertise through courses, conferences and residencies. All of them will belong to national and often international medical societies too.

  • All this for far less: Turkey offers some of the best rates in the world for quality plastic surgery


  • You do have to watch out for some clinics in Turkey that seek profit over quality within the country's thriving medical tourism sphere. Booking through Qunomedical ensures you only get seen by the most ethical, quality-focused professionals.

  • Going to Turkey in summer can take its toll on some people, with temperatures that are known to sometimes top 40 degrees celsius.


Liposuction in Germany is of very high quality

Germany’s medical infrastructure is known around the world for its impeccable standards and efficiency. A great many German doctors continue the country’s historical trend of pioneering medicine as we know it, with leaders in the field actively expanding modern practices.

As such, getting liposuction in Germany is essentially a guaranteed good experience, with an extensive treatment process that is sure to produce the best liposuction results. Although the cost is definitely higher than in other countries, the all-round care you receive, including the aftercare, will add another worthwhile element to your journey.


  • Access one of the world's finest medical systems whose doctors are at the forefront of medical progress.

  • Expect results that thoroughly fulfil realistic expectations.

  • Enjoy all-round care in a country you'll love to explore.


  • Though one of the best places to get liposuction, the costs are much higher in Germany than in other countries.

United Kingdom

Some of the best liposuction specialists can be found in the UK

The UK also has leading hospitals in many medical specialities, maintaining exceptional standards in their facilities across the country. However, like Germany, paying for any plastic surgery privately is going to be more costly in countries such as those aforementioned.

What you do get in the UK is a high yield of results that patients are extremely happy with, because the country’s training facilities are second to none, producing leading specialists and drawing in even aspiring doctors from around the world to receive the best medical education. As such, finding yourself the best liposuction specialist in the UK won’t be hard – just bear in mind that you pay a lot more for the high quality.


  • Well-equipped facilities that are exaustively regulated and have highly trained staff.

  • A choice of very reputable clinics across the country, with many in London for the option to combine treatment with a city break.


  • The prices for liposuction in the UK are considerably higher than in other countries, limiting access for many.


Go for liposuction abroad in Spain

Of course there are many tourists who go to Spain for its weather, beaches, landscapes and food. But many go for medical reasons too, making it another nation known for welcoming international patients into state-of-the-art facilities and excellent care. Indeed, Spain’s medical infrastructure is well regulated and funded to uphold the most advanced levels of treatment.

Many people travel to Spain for their expertise in plastic surgery too, including liposuction. Spanish doctors receive highly capable training and qualify themselves further through their innovative associations and leading facilities. When it comes to liposuction cost, Spain does offer more competitive rates than other European countries, giving its high quality even better value.

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Qunomedical only lists doctors and clinics that have been vetted according to their high standards and affordability. Contact us for your 100% free, non-binding assessment.


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