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Jonas Butt

Jonas Butt - Medical Content Writer

Posted Jun 30, 2022

Plastic surgery encompasses several different procedures that affect various parts of the body. It mainly helps patients in an aesthetic sense, altering a part of the body to have a more desired shape or look. Since patients mostly undergo these procedures privately, it’s important that they see a trusted professional for accurate and natural-looking results. The popularity of plastic surgery is evidenced by the fact that in 2020 over 1.6 million operations were performed for breast augmentation alone - and that accounted for just 9.5% of all plastic surgery that year.

There are a great deal of options to have plastic surgery on most parts of the body, and their techniques have also been majorly innovated over time. What makes it so accessible today is that clinics abroad are offering affordable, high-quality treatment, making it a very worthwhile avenue of medical tourism. An added bonus is that waiting times tend to be much shorter abroad too.

Explore the best countries for plastic surgery below to discover modern clinics that draw in many international patients.


Lithuania has risen as a prominent medical travel destination thanks to the consistent stage-by-stage development of its healthcare system over the years; the emphasis now lies on maintaining a modern and holistic health service. As such, an offshoot of reputable plastic surgery has blossomed from the country’s well-equipped infrastructure, covering the whole spectrum of treatments with the perk of lower cost.

The Kardiolita Hospital group is a leading example of the quality of Lithuanian plastic surgery. Their patient satisfaction emanates from their meticulous recognition of the individual requirements of each; communicative doctors and surgical accuracy underscore the care you’ll receive here. Their specialists in breast augmentation are particularly known for such diligence.

‘I was having breast augmentation surgery and am happy with the work done. The doctor chose the size perfectly based on my overall appearance, chest anatomy, and desire to stay natural.’ - Laura, United Kingdom

Both of their hospitals in Kaunas and Vilnius are multilingual facilities, which lets Kardiolita’s doctors extend their personalised approach to the thousands of international patients they get per year. 


A lot of people wanting treatment abroad are aware that Turkey is a hub for all kinds of plastic surgery. Turkey has a long-standing policy of nurturing its medical tourism, where visitors benefit in turn from remarkably lower costs on the quality treatment they’d otherwise struggle to afford at home.

The country’s vast choice of specialists makes it hard to highlight a specific treatment as Turkey’s strongpoint. It often comes out as a top choice for many desired procedures. The prominence of advanced, multi-disciplinary facilities such as GOP Hospital and Memorial Hospital also means personal needs can be met with broader options.

That being said, Turkey is particularly renowned for its hair transplant clinics. A lot of Turkish doctors are fully dedicated to the procedure and set very high standards in the advanced methods of follicular unit extraction (FUE) and direct hair implantation (DHI). With their level of expertise offered at such a low cost, it is no surprise that Turkey gets a high traffic of international patients for this procedure alone. Dr Ziya Yavuz is a highly rated hair transplant surgeon who opened his own clinic off the back of his extensive experience; we’ve seen many patients reverse their hair loss there.

'I can't believe the overall result and its only been 10 days. There is no pain, great experience, best decision I have ever made. The help from Qunomedical was amazing. The hotel provided was perfect and very comfortable and Dr Yavuz and his team done an amazing job. If this is a thing you would really like to do just go for it because you will regret not getting it done.' - Peter, Ireland


Poland’s healthcare system has benefited from effective investment and administration, giving way to an accomplished cosmetic sector that is sustained by reputable doctors. Lip augmentation, face lift and neck lift are just a few of the treatments for which Poland offers some of the best value, giving patients the chance to save money on prominent procedures.

Their high-quality plastic surgery can be had in clinics fully dedicated to it, like Coramed, or in multi-disciplinary hospitals, like KCM, whose doctors run a very reputable aesthetics department. Dr Marta Wilczyńska-Staniul brings the proficiency of nearly 30 years’ experience to the operating theatre. Her competence in altering various parts of the body includes working on larger surface areas like in an abdominoplasty.

'I had my extended abdomioplasty and liposuction procedure surgeon Dr. Marta, the nurses, my liaisons and my personal drivers - I just cant even put into words just how much they did for me. I'm like a new woman with the confidence I have and it's all thanks to every one of them.' - Maeve, Ireland

Czech Republic

Many patients travel to get plastic surgery in the Czech Republic, as it is known for producing a wide range of distinguished specialists, having very high standard facilities, and charging a lot less for its outstanding plastic surgery. 

The country’s clinics can accommodate various procedures, with highly modern facilities such as ISCARE Clinic in Prague, which is staffed to serve an extensive list of procedures at some of the lowest rates in Europe. Rhinoplasty is a particularly popular cosmetic procedure in the Czech Republic - ABClinic offers skillful makeovers that have sent many patients home with the confidence of a renewed look.

'Eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty fulfilled my expectations. Thank you Dr. Satankova.' - Andy, Germany


As another contender within the low-price-high-quality bracket of plastic surgery, Croatia also welcomes an abundance of medical tourists every year. Like its counterparts, a modern national health service has allowed Croatian professionals to broaden their specialities into plastic surgery. The other advantage of getting treatment in Croatia is that patients get to enjoy the sunny setting that makes it such a popular holiday destination, which has the added effect of making flights cheaper.

Again, the range of procedures on offer also makes Croatia a very favourable option for finding the best plastic surgery for yourself. Bagatin Clinic in Zagreb displays such depth of choice with its offers of breast surgery alone, giving patients various options to fully personalise what they want.

'Bagatin Clinic and the whole team exceeded all my expectations...The whole process of my breast augmentation and breast lift surgery was above everything I imagined and the care and support during the process left me speechless. I've done a lot of research and compared worldwide aesthetic clinics before I made my final decision, but Dr. Dinko Bagatin was by far the best surgeon I had the opportunity to talk to. He was patient, answered all my questions, calmed me down when I had any type of insecurities, and the most important thing: the final result of my new breasts was exactly as we discussed and agreed on in my first consultations.' - Lotta, Germany


Though further in distance, Thailand is no further from the quality of the aforementioned countries. As a part of the world that already receives plenty of visitors, Thai doctors welcome hundreds of thousands of medical travellers too; decades of experience has elevated Thailand’s reputation as one of the world’s most trusted plastic surgery destinations.

Aside from providing considerably lower-cost plastic surgery, many of Thailand’s cosmetic surgeons operate within larger hospital facilities. This places international patients within the comfort of a multidisciplinary setting that is staffed by various specialists. Bangkok has multiple hospitals that have their own aesthetic centres in them, such as Yanhee Hospital, Sikarin Hospital and Bangpakok 9 International Hospital - all of which have English-speaking staff and are recognised for their high standards by the Joint Commission International.

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Although we’ve broken it down here, we understand that the choice can still seem overwhelming - especially when deciding on something as important as plastic surgery. Doctors that we work with have been screened according to our Qunoscore system, which means the clinics we present to you are based on quality and trust. What’s more is that we offer treatments in practical packages, where hotels and pick-ups are included all within a price that is exclusive to Qunomedical.

We’re in the business of suiting patients with the right doctors, to make healthcare easy and accessible for everyone - and we want to make sure you get the best possible care too. Reach out to us about the procedure you’d like to have so we can help you choose the place and professionals that are best for you.

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