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From Our Patients: Paul’s Success Story

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Our patients are what inspire us to do better every day. Stories like Paul’s make us proud of what we do and motivate us to constantly deliver a higher quality service.

About Paul

Paul is a 40-year old living in the UK. He sought our advice in January 2016 as he had been suffering from hair loss since his early 30s, experiencing a receding hairline and partial baldness in his crown area. Paul reached out to us in the hope of finding a high-quality treatment at an affordable price. Our Patient Managers liaised with Liv Hospital Ulus Istanbul in Turkey, a JCI-accredited hospital specializing in hair transplant surgery. Just a couple of weeks later, Paul was on a plane to undergo the most popular type of hair transplant, follicular unit extraction (FUE).

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We'll let Paul’s own words describe his experience with Qunomedical and Liv Hospital.

On arriving at Istanbul airport, I met the driver of the hospital who drove me directly to my accommodation. After dropping me at the hotel, he informed me he would pick me up the next morning to proceed to the hospital for my operation.

Arriving at the hospital the next morning and contacting the staff member who was assigned to me for my procedure, I was introduced to the consultant and the surgeon. After a brief chat and checkup, I was asked to have some breakfast as I was going to be under surgery for the next 5 hours. After having something to eat, I was then taken to the operating room, where the surgeon explained what would be done and drew the outline for my new hairline. The procedure started with local anesthetic and the operation took approximately 5/6 hours.

Once the operation was done, I was given a meal to bring my blood sugar levels back to normal; after that, I was given the aftercare medication and the doctor explained me how to best apply the lotions and shampoos and how to use antibiotics and painkillers. Hospital staff took me back to my hotel around 7 PM. The next day I went back to the hospital for the removal of the bandages and cleaning.

Overall I was happy with the whole procedure from start to finish. At first I was a little skeptical about going to another country for treatment, however, I must say that everything went according to plans and as described to me before leaving. Liv Hospital Ulus in Istanbul is impeccably clean, has friendly staff and my operation was satisfactory. Once again I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped me through my whole journey.

Kind regards,


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