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Qunomedical Interviews: Iwan's Hair Transplant in Turkey

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As part of our new Qunomedical Patient Stories, I sat down with Iwan, who had his first hair transplant at Smile Hair Clinic in November 2018.

Iwan is a vivacious 29 year old, originally from Wales, he’s spent the last nine years living in Liverpool managing a beauty salon and a barber shop. Styling his hair was always a big part of his personality and so when he started losing his hair at 24, it was naturally a source of stress. Here’s a transcript of our conversation talking about his hair transplant journey .

Q1. When and why did you decide to have a hair transplant?

I started losing my hair when I was 24, but it took me around four years before I finally booked my treatment. I decided to get a hair transplant, because it was really getting my confidence down. I also really missed being able to style my hair!

Q2. Why did you decide to go abroad for your treatment? Were there any specific factors that stood out?

One of my friends who had done his hair transplant done with Smile Hair Clinic in Turkey recommended going there. I did a lot of my own research, spoke to Qunomedical and looked at all the factors before making my final decision. The drastically cheaper price and the high quality of results were specific factors that played a role in my final decision.

Q3. How did you come across Qunomedical, and what made you decide to book your treatment through us?

As I mentioned earlier, a friend of mine had gone to Smile Hair and he had done so through Qunomedical. He recommended Quno highly, and so I did some research about the company and decided to speak to a Patient Manager. I was always treated with patience and all my questions were answered. Most importantly, I was never pushed or forced into the treatment as most other clinics were doing. Quno was understanding, and genuinely interested in getting the best results for me.

Q4. How was your experience with your Patient Manager?

My Patient Manager was extremely helpful, so friendly and always calm. She helped answer every single one of my questions, even when they weren’t related to the transplant itself. Always managed to make sure I was feeling comfortable, and was there to provide reassurance when I needed it.

"I wouldn’t think twice before doing it again"

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Q5. How did your treatment day go? Please briefly describe it.

I was very nervous the day before, mostly because of the anesthesia. I had read that it was painful, and so naturally I was worried. On the day of the treatment, I was picked up from the airport and brought to the clinic. Dr. Gökay Bilgin was there to receive me, he took me to the clinic to speak about the procedure. He explained everything in detail and discussed my desired hairline before the surgery began. The procedure itself lasted around six hours, and I was always asked when I needed water/bathroom breaks. The whole setup was very professional and the staff was so welcoming.

"It’s 8-9 hours of treatment for a lifetime of happiness"

Q6. Did your treatment day/days go as expected?

I was actually pleasantly surprised at the anesthesia. I was so nervous about it, but when it actually happened it was not so bad! The medical team was so surprised and said they’re going to call me superman from now on. Other than that, I was initially quoted to get 2500 grafts but after having the pre-procedure consultation with Dr. Bilgin, he recommended 3900, and of course the cost stayed the same. These were the only exceptions to what I had expected during the procedure.

Q7. What did you think of the clinic and the medical staff? Was communication easy?

The staff was very welcoming, and friendly. Communication was not a problem, and they made me feel very comfortable.

"The first time I went out without wearing a hat, I couldn’t stop smiling!"

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Q8. Are you involved in our online community, The Hairloss Crusaders?

Yes! I joined the Hairloss Crusaders before going for my procedure after my Patient Manager recommended it to me. The group was the perfect addition, it was helpful and made me feel comfortable. I saw and talked with real people who had gone through the same thought process as me, gathered insight into the actual process and post-treatment by men who had already been through it.

Q9. How has your post-treatment follow-up been from Qunomedical’s side? Is there any feedback you have for us in this regard?

As soon as I got back from the procedure, my Patient Manager asked for pictures and was as happy as I was. I can honestly say that the work ethic, and care for the patient was great.

Q10. Do you have any feedback for Qunomedical in general? Would you recommend Quno to your family and friends?

I genuinely believe that Quno operates with the best clinics and I wouldn’t think twice before using your services again.

"The procedure has changed my entire life"

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Q11. Lastly, what would you say to someone who is considering a hair transplant? I would firstly say, ‘Do your research!’ The procedure changed my life, and if you’re thinking of getting one, then go for it!

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